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RPS Interview: Valve's Erik Wolpaw | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

2008 Jun 30, 5:45Erik on writing for games vs books: "Even worse for game writers, the 98% garbage part of a game isn't even usually garbage because instead of reading something boring about the history of Belgium, the "reader" probably gets to jump a Camaro over a dinoPermalinkCommentsgame humor interview valve portal article erik-wolpaw

New Scientist Technology Blog: Dual-display e-book reader lets you flip pages naturally

2008 Jun 25, 2:50A few interesting interface ideas for a dual-display reading device.PermalinkCommentsvideo book interface ui

Add Feeds to Google Reader in Internet Explorer 7

2008 Mar 17, 12:51Google toolbar updates the IE Feed View like I had suggested on my blog.PermalinkCommentsgoogle ie rss feed ie7 browser via:walter

Identifying Vegetables with 20q Pocket Mind Reader

2008 Feb 26, 2:24

A shallot sliced in two.At the grocery store the other day Sarah and I attempted to find shallot for a recipe, but I can't tell the difference between shallot, sweet onions, yellow onions, etc. etc. We found something that we decided was the closest we'd find in the store and I believe we picked correctly because at checkout the cashier rang it up as shallot.

I think this could be a practical problem that the 20q Pocket Mind Reader should be able to solve: obtain the name of an unidentified object. When we got home I decided to test the 20q Pocket Mind Reader on shallot. Unfortunately, it told me I had an onion, but I think if these were designed for identifying unknown objects based solely on information you can obtain by looking at it, rather than requiring knowledge of seeds, where it grows, etc. it would do better. Or I could just ask someone who works at the grocery store.

PermalinkCommentsonion shallot toy 20q random

Theme Options

2007 Dec 24, 12:41These days it seems like there's a social sharing website for everything representable as bits. Like Scribd for (mostly legal) documents, SciVee for scientific research videos, Wordie for words, and Kuler for color themes. Kuler seems like a ridiculous website (overkill) but I had been meaning to update my homepage's color design and Kuler has an RSS based REST API. The API lets you obtain things like the most recently added color themes or the most popular or all themes containing the color dark red, etc... So of course rather than update my website's design I hooked up my css to the color themes coming out of Kuler. Select my main page's color theme from a list of random Kuler themes. As I'm sure the regular readers can guess I use an xslt and blah blah blah... It looks OK with Silver Surfer and Happy Hipo but in general changing the colors this way doesn't produce something pretty.

When reading about Kuler I found that they may have stolen the whole idea wholeslae from ColourLovers. They discuss the thievery in an article on their blog. I would have switched over to ColourLovers out of principle but they don't have an easily accessible API.PermalinkCommentscolourlovers color xslt theme homepage technical kuler design

Bunny Sniff and Shake

2007 Aug 13, 3:35
I've been told that family members after reading my webpage which contains some technical related material would turn to my cousins webpage. So, in an effort to not drive away readers I've...
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Distributed Proofreaders

2007 Mar 19, 1:03Help ensure that projects to turn books into text files are correct by proofreading the results.PermalinkCommentsbooks book gutenberg literature internet volunteer free

UniveRSS - a 3D Vista RSS reader

2006 Dec 4, 1:27A 3D RSS reader built on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) free from Microsoft.PermalinkCommentsrss tools windows vista wpf 3d ie7 microsoft free

RDF Primer

2006 Nov 28, 5:13The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web. This Primer is designed to provide the reader with the basic knowledge required to effectively use RDF. It introduces the basic concPermalinkCommentsrdf xml semanticweb w3c web reference standards specification metadata

The Old New Thing : This might be for real, even though it comes out at 7am

2006 Nov 7, 4:48Readers of Raymond Chen's blog speculate that Raymond isn't real because the blog is too consistent. Funny.PermalinkCommentsraymond-chen humor blog article robot history
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