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Search - Xbox 360 - E3 2008: Exclusive Dashboard Walkthrough HD

2008 Jul 16, 8:05"Not just an update, but an entire overhaul is planned for the Xbox 360 Dashboard, and we get an in-depth look at the new features."PermalinkCommentsgame video xbox xbox-360 videogame

NetFlix Media Center and Ong-Bak

2008 Jun 15, 7:57

Ong-Bak movie poster.I just installed vmcNetFlix which lets you watch your on demand NetFlix movies via your Vista Media Center or any Media Center Extenders like the Xbox 360. It works well but fails poorly with some cryptic error messages and long timeouts. Be sure to get NetFlix on demand movies working in your browser before installing this plugin. Once I did that everything worked very well.

To test it out I watched Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior in which Ting must travel from his country village to Bangkok where he works with his cousin in the city to recover his village's stolen religious artifact. Its a mix of Perfect Strangers, Street Fighter and Pad-See Ew. Martial arts movies, like porn and video games, aren't required to have a strong plot but Ong-Bak has a fine plot line and enjoyable Thai martial arts. I saw the Tiger Knee in there several times. An enjoyable movie that reminded me of watching martial arts movies with my friends in high school.

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Featured Windows Download: vmcNetFlix Streams Watch Now Videos to Your Xbox 360

2008 Jun 13, 12:52Stream NetFlix's on demand movies to your Vista Windows Media Center and all extenders including Xbox 360.PermalinkCommentsvia:dotjosh lifehacker movies vista xbox plugin mce windows netflix movie

The Microsoft Wow Blog!: Mike Klucher: XNA Framework games running on Zune

2008 May 5, 11:42Video of "Mike Klucher talks about building XNA Framework games for the Zune and shows the soon-to-be-released CTP that enables developers to build Zune projects, adds a new menu on your Zune for games, and also enables device debugging directly from VisuPermalinkCommentszune xbox videogame development microsoft blog article video

Video: Microsoft singers spoof Macs, gamers

2008 May 5, 11:19The Baudboys, a Microsoft a cappella group sings 'Gonna Make You Happy Tonight' concerning video games very funny. Saw them perform a couple of years ago (in that same place) and I've been looking for a video.PermalinkCommentsvideo videogame music microsoft xbox humor baudboys

XNA games coming to the Zune, Xbox Live Arcade

2008 Feb 20, 6:44Develop games using XNA available on the Zune. Sounds neat. Remember that if you're a student you can do XNA dev for free now...PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft arstechnica zune xna xbox game games development news

SequelGuy's Burnout Paradise Profile

2008 Feb 18, 12:38My profile for Burnout Paradise.PermalinkCommentsproldfile game xbox ea me

Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV news from

2008 Jan 12, 4:10Yoda and Darth Vader to appear in the next Soul Calibur game. Screenshots and videos on the link.PermalinkCommentsgame starwars videogames xbox yoda darth-vader soul-calibur

Zune Software Update

2007 Nov 19, 3:47I really appreciate that the first gen Zune's get the new Zune's firmware and software. I like the updated Zune software personally because its faster and simpler, has better podcast support, and the whole social thing has is on their website now. So, I guess I like the software because it has new features that should have been there in the first place.

The social thing is like a Zune social network. It uses your Xbox Live friends to seed your Zune friends list, lets you do the expected social network stuff, lets you preview songs, and unlike first gen Zunes which required face to face time with other Zune owners, allows you to send songs to people. It also lets you display your recently played tracks and your favorite tracks, similar to what Last.FM has, via a Zune Card. I like the Zune Card from a technical perspective because it separates the Zune Card view, written in flash from the User Card data which is in XML. I hope they intend to keep the XML available via this UserCard Service because I think there's potential to easily do cool things.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft technical music zune social

Xbox Live is five years old! Microsoft to celebrate by giving away Arcade title

2007 Nov 15, 4:01They're giving away Carcassonne. I recall playing this at some point at Daniil's house.PermalinkCommentscarcassonne xbox microsoft game games free download

Geek To Live: Transform Your Classic Xbox into a Killer Media Center - Lifehacker

2007 Sep 14, 12:59Maybe I won't throw out my old XBox...PermalinkCommentsdiy exploit hack lifehacker linux microsoft mod xbox videogames howto Profile Sequelguy

2006 Dec 4, 6:30My profile on Xbox Live.PermalinkCommentsprofile xbox me microsoft game

Transcode 360 at

2006 Nov 27, 1:54Stream video of any format from your Win Media Center to your Xbox 360. Just the thing for my new Xbox.PermalinkCommentsvideo windows xbox xbox360 mce transcode free software tool howto

The Hexic HD Marathon Scoring Guide By RFG Scorpion (version 2.0) ( | Xbox Live Arcade)

2006 Nov 24, 1:09Guide to scoring well by excellent players of the Xbox Live Arcade game Hexic HD. I've just started playing this a few days ago. This is a neat strategy.PermalinkCommentshexic tutorial xbox xbox-live-arcade forum high-score
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