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Jul 22, 8:01
Great article about #HackingTeam's third-party acquisition of zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits by @vlad902: http://tsyrklevich.net/2015/07/22/hacking-team-0day-market/ …

“Zero-day” exploit sales should be key point in cybersecurity debate

2012 Mar 30, 2:40

Intro to the world of the 0day exploit market.

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Bookmarklet of death: Domain hijacking without 0days | GNUCITIZEN

2009 Sep 23, 7:56"I do understand that it would be annoying to warn users every time they run a bookmarklet, but I think it would be sensible to show a warning at least the first time a given bookmarklet is executed. If you work for a popular web browser vendor such as Microsoft or Mozilla, you can think of this as my wish for the day! I'd love to hear your feedback if you are reading this!"PermalinkCommentstechnical bookmarklet bookmarklets security web webbrowser javascript
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