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No, you can’t do that with H.264 « Digital Diary of Ben Schwartz

2010 Feb 4, 2:01On the crappy licensing of the H.264 and MPEG codecs in popular video encoding software.PermalinkCommentsvideo encoding codec patent legal law apple microsoft theora h.264 technical


2009 Jan 26, 3:18As used in a sentence: "There are lots of audio codecs. Did I say there were lots of video codecs? Forget that. There are a metric fuck-ton of audio codecs." (via )PermalinkCommentsmeasurement unit metric humor

GIVE [dive into mark]

2009 Jan 26, 2:12Mark Pilgrim's series of articles and slides from a corresponding talk on video encoding.PermalinkCommentsmark-pilgrim video encoding audio reference codec
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