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Google Public DNS

2009 Dec 3, 4:52Having replaced HTTP with SPDY, Google digs deeper into the Web stack providing their own DNS servers. Also, as Waxy noted, you can't argue with the most memorable IP addresses I've seen: "Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers". Also check out their DNS server's DNS prefetching in the performance notes.PermalinkCommentsgoogle dns internet network security performance dns-prefetching technical

Bits Up!: DNS Prefetching for Firefox

2009 Jun 22, 3:28Details on Firefox's DNS prefetching: "The Firefox implementation takes this approach one step further than just pre-resolving anchor href hostnames. It uses the prefetch logic on URLs that are being included in the current document. By this I mean that it uses the prefetch logic on things like images, css, and jscript that are being loaded right away, in addition to anchor links which might be clicked on at a slightly later time."PermalinkCommentsdns dns-prefetching html performance networking firefox mozilla technical

Chromium Blog: DNS Prefetching (or Pre-Resolving)

2009 Jun 22, 2:55"To speed up browsing, Google Chrome resolves domain names before the user navigates, typically while the user is viewing a web page." In addition to noting what and how they do it, and how web devs can control it, they give a few stats on how much it helps.PermalinkCommentsgoogle dns chrome dns-prefetching browser networking performance technical

Controlling DNS prefetching - MDC

2009 Jun 22, 2:53"Firefox 3.5 performs DNS prefetching. This is a feature by which Firefox proactively performs domain name resolution on both links that the user may choose to follow as well as URLs for items referenced by the document, including images, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth."PermalinkCommentsdns firefox mozilla networking performance dns-prefetching technical
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