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Ready Player One Easter Egg Hunt - Contest Announcement (by...

2012 Jun 5, 8:32

Ready Player One Easter Egg Hunt - Contest Announcement (by ernestcline)

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(via Easter Island heads have bodies (wordpress.com))

2011 Nov 16, 12:03

(via Easter Island heads have bodies (wordpress.com))


Google ASCII Art Easter Egg

2009 Aug 31, 4:12"If you search Google for ascii art, the Google logo itself will turn into... ASCII art."PermalinkCommentsgoogle ascii art humor logo via:waxy

Bunny Identity Theft

2009 Apr 13, 1:11These have been popping up all over the internet, but I just had to share them with you in time for Easter. I'll take one of each in my Easter basket!PermalinkCommentscute cat bunny easter photo for:hellosarah

Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog : The Best Outlook Feature Ever

2005 Dec 6, 2:17The Best Outlook Feature EVAR!!1!PermalinkCommentssoftware microsoft outlook easteregg

Post-School Plans

2004 Apr 22, 3:52I actually have something to say which I thought would be appropriate for the LiveJournal format. Why I haven't posted to the LiveJournal for such a great length of time can be saved for later. I spent Easter weekend and the Monday following, in Washington, the state. Microsoft paid for me to fly up and stay in Washington so I could do the technical portion of the interview with them. I hung out with my friend Jeannie and she showed me all around Seattle on Saturday and Sunday. Each night we had somewhat expensive dinners, all paid for by Microsoft. It was cool. On Sunday I stayed at a nice hotel in Redmond and the next morning I spent just short of eight hours being interviewed by five different people from different groups within Microsoft. Each sub interview consisted of two portions. First there was the general portion where they would ask me why I wanted to work there, ask about my previous experience, and those sort of non technical questions. The second portion would take the majority of the time and it would be me trying to solve some technical problem they'd present. By the end of the interview my hands were gray with dry erase marker ink because apparently everybody's got a whiteboard and they all want me to write code on them. I have to go to class soon and I might post some more stories related to this trip, but mostly I wanted to say that last week I received a great offer from them and I'll probably be moving up to Washington sometime (weeks or months?) after graduation. Also, I've changed my AIM name from SequelGuy to SequelDave. My email address will also have to change soon, but I don't know to what it will change.PermalinkComments
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