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Hard Drive weight increasing?

2009 Jun 30, 5:50"Thank you for posting on Microsoft Answers Forum. If we understand your question correctly, there is no possible way that copying files or installing programs is increasing the weight of your laptop. Also, the same with your Xbox, downloading games from the Arcade will not increase the weight of your Game Console. Just to explain a little bit more..." lolz ensuePermalinkCommentshumor microsoft msdn harddrive technical

Now using NearlyFreeSpeech.NET to host deletethis.net

2008 Mar 17, 1:25

I've switched from using my own home web server of which one of the harddrives died, to using NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, an actual real live web hosting service. So far I'm very happy with them and they give me almost exactly what I had on my own home server: ssh access, vim, php, java, etc. etc. The only notable things they don't do are (1) cron jobs which I use currently and (2) SSL which I don't use currently. I can replace my cron job usage and I suppose I'll have to reevaluate my web hosting if I ever need SSL. At the moment many of the server side things like Vizicious will be unavailable. I'll work on getting those working again at some point.

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Magnetic Finger: A Sixth Sense (bbum's weblog-o-mat - Blog Archive)

2007 Mar 28, 3:45Guy tapes small but intense magnet to his finger and 'feels' magnetic fields around speaker wires, lamps, etc.PermalinkCommentsmagnet sense harddrive hack finger sixth-sense

Google's offline P2P: helping scientific progress 1 terabyte at a time

2007 Mar 13, 1:29Google will help you out sharing scientific information by shipping harddrives with terabytes of your info to some destination. In return they get a copy of your data. Interesting to note it costs less to ship harddrives then transfer the data over thePermalinkCommentsarticle p2p offline data transfer google
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