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SPDY Review by Opera Software (w3.org)

2012 Jun 7, 3:33PermalinkCommentstechnical google spdy opera web http

Google Public DNS

2009 Dec 3, 4:52Having replaced HTTP with SPDY, Google digs deeper into the Web stack providing their own DNS servers. Also, as Waxy noted, you can't argue with the most memorable IP addresses I've seen: "Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers". Also check out their DNS server's DNS prefetching in the performance notes.PermalinkCommentsgoogle dns internet network security performance dns-prefetching technical

Chromium Blog: A 2x Faster Web

2009 Nov 12, 6:28Google to replace HTTP with SPDY?PermalinkCommentsbrowser web http spdy google chrome technical
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