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Speak Estonian!

2005 Dec 30, 11:18PermalinkCommentsestonia estonian language reference speaking

Double-Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary

2005 Dec 29, 5:15PermalinkCommentsreference language dictionary english etymology slang search

EFF: E-voting

2005 Dec 29, 4:37PermalinkCommentseff politics security voting electronic-voting

Active RFID and Passive RFID Comparison

2005 Dec 29, 4:27PermalinkCommentsrfid reference

EFF: Breaking News

2005 Dec 29, 3:54PermalinkCommentsinternet politics security rights privacy software news eff

Estonian E-Voting System, General Description of (English)

2005 Dec 29, 3:45Linked from .PermalinkCommentsestonia voting electronic-voting politics internet reference

Estonian National Electoral Committee

2005 Dec 29, 3:40PermalinkCommentsestonia electronic-voting voting politics internet

Linus Torvalds comments on Slashdot

2005 Dec 29, 3:37Linus says Slashdot is "big public wanking session": "I don't tend to bother about slashdot, because quite frankly, the whole _point_ of slashdot is to have this big public wanking session with people getting together and making their own "insightfulPermalinkCommentsslashdot linus humor linux trademark

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

2005 Dec 29, 3:15The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures, including some implementationPermalinkCommentsreference development algorithm software tools dictionary search

Reflections on Trusting Trust

2005 Dec 29, 3:09PermalinkCommentssecurity unix history development hack acm ken-thompson trust

E-Estonia: Description of Estonia's advanced Internet adoption

2005 Dec 29, 2:27PermalinkCommentsestonia government internet

green plastic radiohead

2005 Dec 20, 9:56Radiohead NewsPermalinkCommentsmusic news radiohead

Furniture Porn

2005 Dec 19, 6:09PermalinkCommentshumor furniture porn

RFC 1557 (rfc1557) - Korean Character Encoding for Internet Messages

2005 Dec 16, 11:15PermalinkCommentslanguage codepage reference rfc internet mime korean charset

Collection Tutorial

2005 Dec 15, 11:58PermalinkCommentsuri hack reference help microsoft

New Video Game Designed To Have No Influence On Kids' Behavior | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2005 Dec 14, 3:38PermalinkCommentshumor onion game

The Free Information Society - Propaganda

2005 Dec 12, 3:44PermalinkCommentshumor web history politics images propaganda art

Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog : The Best Outlook Feature Ever

2005 Dec 6, 2:17The Best Outlook Feature EVAR!!1!PermalinkCommentssoftware microsoft outlook easteregg

A study on aluminium foil helmets

2005 Dec 6, 12:06PermalinkCommentshumor reference conspiracy

Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial

2005 Dec 6, 11:50PermalinkCommentsdevelopment reference regex tools unix sed tutorial
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