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Microspotting: The Golden Helmet

2007 Dec 31, 2:49Interview with that guy on the Segway I always see riding around Microsoft. FTA: "So, you never feel dorky wearing a gold helmet?", "Come on: I'm riding a Segway - I'm already dorky."PermalinkCommentsinterview blog segway humor microsoft

The Riddle of the Universe and Its Solution by CHRISTOPHER CHERNIAK

2007 Dec 31, 1:18A short short story titled 'The Riddle of the Universe and Its Solution' by CHRISTOPHER CHERNIAK. A classic (apparently) from the early 80s. No spoilers here. If you liked Snow Crash just read it.PermalinkCommentsread scifi story literature free fiction short-story rainbow

Picasa Web Albums - Jesse

2007 Dec 30, 2:11Jesse's photos including when we were in Vegas.PermalinkCommentsjesse-ralston friend photo photos

Cycling around Seattle

2007 Dec 28, 8:23Todd's cycling blog.|Todd SahlPermalinkCommentsfriend blog microsoft bike todd-sahl seattle

Dev-Toast : Blog Archive : Uncrippling Bluetooth in Vista RTM

2007 Dec 28, 3:55PermalinkCommentsbluetooth hack howto vista


2007 Dec 28, 11:25Programming language that again works on a 2D memory field this time using black and white images.PermalinkCommentsart code language programming visualization

Befunge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2007 Dec 27, 5:33A programming language written on a 2D plane with arrows pointing up, down, left, right to control the flow of execution.PermalinkCommentsgeek humor language programming wiki wikipedia befunge

YouTube - TENACIOUS D - Jack Black on Piracy

2007 Dec 27, 3:54Jack Black on piracy. Another humorous piracy related video on youtube. Who would have thought?PermalinkCommentspiracy youtube video jack-black humor

Language Log: The unkindness of strangers

2007 Dec 27, 3:36Mark Liberman suggests the paper on which recent articles like "Humor Develops From Aggression Caused By Male Hormones, Professor Says" was a joke. The paper is based on determitologist's notes on reactions to his unicycle riding.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog language language-log mark-liberman sam-shuster science unicycle humor bad-science

Tiger Team - Car Dealership

2007 Dec 26, 8:41So many things I shouldn't like: its on court tv, its a reality show, lame name, the website is entirely flash. But its like Sneakers the TV series so...PermalinkCommentstelevision tiger-team video free

Old Miscellaneous Thoughts

2007 Dec 26, 5:45PermalinkCommentspopfly apple personal history-channel indiana-jones pipes mac technical microsoft mashup yahoo nontechnical

Theme Options

2007 Dec 24, 12:41These days it seems like there's a social sharing website for everything representable as bits. Like Scribd for (mostly legal) documents, SciVee for scientific research videos, Wordie for words, and Kuler for color themes. Kuler seems like a ridiculous website (overkill) but I had been meaning to update my homepage's color design and Kuler has an RSS based REST API. The API lets you obtain things like the most recently added color themes or the most popular or all themes containing the color dark red, etc... So of course rather than update my website's design I hooked up my css to the color themes coming out of Kuler. Select my main page's color theme from a list of random Kuler themes. As I'm sure the regular readers can guess I use an xslt and blah blah blah... It looks OK with Silver Surfer and Happy Hipo but in general changing the colors this way doesn't produce something pretty.

When reading about Kuler I found that they may have stolen the whole idea wholeslae from ColourLovers. They discuss the thievery in an article on their blog. I would have switched over to ColourLovers out of principle but they don't have an easily accessible API.PermalinkCommentscolourlovers color xslt theme homepage technical kuler design

California Trip

2007 Dec 23, 11:18Other Jelly FishSarah and I went down to California at the end of last month for a Thanksgiving visit with my parents. We visited the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium (fun fact: the aquarium scenes in Star Trek IV were filmed here) and saw many jelly fish. We wandered around Capitola where we visited many local shops and ate on the wharf. We shopped in Carmel and ate at the Forge in the Forest (fun fact: Clint Eastwood was the mayor of this city in the late 80s). We visited the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which was very cold and closed.
Silly Party HatsMy parents took us out to dinner on the first night and the rest of the nights we ate dinner at their house. They had the Shelton's over and I got to see Chris and Alison. It was fun to talk with them and catch up since its been quite a while since I'd seen them.
Beach House LivingroomWe stayed in the lovely beach house of our family friend's the Goodwins. My parents have been helping them fix it up and decorate it and it looks great. It was quite a treat staying in a house right on the ocean. Also of note, this was the first trip on which I was old enough to rent the car and accordingly I did all of the driving. This trip was very fun and relaxing.PermalinkCommentsaquarium friends parents personal beach california vacation

Wired 13.08: Art Attack

2007 Dec 23, 8:48Banksy article and interview in Wired.PermalinkCommentsart article banksy graffiti hack humor wired streetart interview


2007 Dec 23, 8:47Banksy's website.PermalinkCommentsart culture graffiti homepage streetart satire public politics banksy cultural-disobediance

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank

2007 Dec 23, 8:46Banksy replaces Paris Hilton CDs with his own satirical music and cover art in stores.PermalinkCommentsart article culture graffiti hack humor music parody prank streetart paris-hilton bbc

Wooster Collective: A Wooster Exclusive: Banksy Hits New York's Most Famous Museums (All of

2007 Dec 23, 8:44Banksy adds his own pieces to NY's museums.PermalinkCommentsart article culture graffiti hack humor museum nyc painting prank streetart banksy


2007 Dec 23, 2:04PermalinkCommentshammer gift purchase bottle bottle-opener

PSYCHOANALYST PUPPETS | Quirky Psychoanalyst Finger Puppets Feature Famous Shrinks Carl Jung, Sigmund and Anna Freud | UncommonGoods

2007 Dec 23, 2:03PermalinkCommentspuppet purchase gift psychoanalyst freud

UGLY DOLLS | Unique, Cute, Huggable and Cuddly Colorful Popular Stuffed Toys | UncommonGoods

2007 Dec 23, 2:02PermalinkCommentspurchase gift doll
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