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High Performance Web Sites :: Call to improve browser caching

2010 Apr 29, 11:59"Over Christmas break I wrote Santa my browser wishlist. There was one item I neglected to ask for: improvements to the browser disk cache." If only it were so simple as to just increase the max size of your HTTP cache...PermalinkCommentsperformance http web browser cache technical

Download A Piece of Internet History | The Changelog

2010 Apr 29, 11:53"I wrote Gopherbot, a spidering archiver for Gopherspace. I ran it in June 2007, and saved off all the documents and sites it could find. That saved 40GB of data, or about 780,000 documents." Now available as a compressed 15GB torrent.PermalinkCommentstorrent gopher internet web technical history archive

The State of Web Development 2010 – Web Directions

2010 Apr 29, 11:51Stats from the State of Web Development 2010 web survey including: "Few respondents use any form of Internet Explorer for their day to day web use, but IE8 is the number one browser developers test their sites in. Google Chrome has jumped dramatically as the browser of choice for developers, to rank 3rd, at 17% just behind Safari at 20%."PermalinkCommentsie web browser chrome statistics development html technical system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

Super Mario Crossover

2010 Apr 29, 11:47Play Super Mario Bros. as Link from Zelda, the Contra guy, Mega Man and more.
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HotelChatter's Annual Hotel WiFi Report 2010 || HotelChatter

2010 Apr 29, 11:45"...Well guess what? The demand for hotel WiFi has not gone away, quite the opposite, a growing number of hotel guests not only demand the hotel they book have proper wireless access but most will consider *not* staying at a hotel that can't meet their basic access needs."
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Comparison of JavaScript frameworks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2010 Apr 27, 3:30PermalinkCommentsajax javascript reference web browser script technical jquery gwt

HTML 5 Video Seeking and Redirects

2010 Apr 26, 3:09Firefox developer on the topic of HTML5 video and the issues of using HTTP range requests to seek within an HTML5 video.PermalinkCommentshtml html5 http range technical video firefox web browser bug code programming

What data does Facebook publish about you? - Boing Boing

2010 Apr 26, 3:03"Find out what personal data Facebook publishes about people by entering their Facebook username here: zesty.ca/facebook."PermalinkCommentsfacebook privacy technical

Cookies — Anne’s Weblog

2010 Apr 25, 3:32Anne van Kesteren compares the new descriptive HTTP cookie standard and the previous prescriptive cookie standards to HTMLs standards.PermalinkCommentscookie http standards technical

Hatetris: the meanest Tetris clone you've ever played - Boing Boing

2010 Apr 25, 3:29Tetris game that picks the worst piece it can to give you.PermalinkCommentstetris videogame game web browser

How To Name A Volcano

2010 Apr 25, 3:28
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5 Loading Web pages — HTML 5

2010 Apr 22, 10:26HTML5 has some notion of a 'null' origin. Not sure how this actually plays out though.PermalinkCommentsw3c site-of-origin null web browser application html html5 technical

Hitler tries a DMCA takedown | Brad Ideas

2010 Apr 21, 1:47So... There's Downfall a 2004 film about the final days of Hitler's life. Then folks take the most dramatic scene and parody it with new subtitles having Hitler yell about various things like his cell phone or Burning Man. It becomes a meme and meta Downfall parodies show up with Hitler yelling about the Downfall parodies. Now the studio producing the film has sent DMCA takedown notices to Youtube and many of the videos are disappearing. In response is a new Downfall parody in which Hitler issues DMCA notices to Youtube...PermalinkCommentscensorship hitler humor copyright dmca eff legal youtube video fairuse meme web internet technical

Ajaxian » Put your own tests up on BrowserScope

2010 Apr 21, 6:53"Lindsey Simon has got a powerful update to BrowserScope, the community-driven tool to test and profile browsers. The new feature is exciting as it truly delivers the “community-driven” piece at scale: you can now add your own tests to the corpus, TestSwarm style."PermalinkCommentsweb browser test google browser-scope internet technical

RFC 5843 - Additional Hash Algorithms for HTTP Instance Digests

2010 Apr 21, 6:51Adds SHA 256 & 512 to HTTP instance digest: 'The IANA registry named "Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Digest Algorithm Values" defines values for digest algorithms used by Instance Digests in HTTP. Instance Digests in HTTP provide a digest, also known as a checksum or hash, of an entire representation of the current state of a resource. This document adds new values to the registry and updates previous values.'PermalinkCommentshash cryptography http instance-digest sha security technical ietf rfc standard

RFC 5849 - The OAuth 1.0 Protocol

2010 Apr 21, 6:49"OAuth provides a method for clients to access server resources on behalf of a resource owner (such as a different client or an end-user). It also provides a process for end-users to authorize third-party access to their server resources without sharing their credentials (typically, a username and password pair), using user-agent redirections."PermalinkCommentsoauth authorization security privacy internet web rfc standard technical

Microsoft throws its weight behind Web Open Font format

2010 Apr 21, 6:48"The Web Open Font Format, already backed by Mozilla and many type foundries was accepted by the World Wide Web Consortium yesterday, marking the first stage in its standardization. The submission included a surprising new sponsor: Microsoft."PermalinkCommentsfont microsoft web internet typography arstechnica browser technical

Ars Colloquium: the official ACTA treaty draft and your reactions

2010 Apr 21, 6:47"After years of secrecy (and the occasional leak), a draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty has finally been released by negotiators. We've delved deep into the treaty, highlighting its numerous problems. Indeed, there's a lot not to like about the treaty: Internet disconnections, anticircumvention prohibitions, and even the ability for rightsholders to get injunctions if they can show infringement is imminent."PermalinkCommentsarstechnica acta privacy internet todo government politics piracy technical

The Essential Message: Claude Shannon and the Making of Information Theory

2010 Apr 20, 9:34PermalinkCommentstechnical pdf information-theory cryptography history system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

'Firefly' Fan Webcomic Takes 'Serenity' Carnage to New Levels [Exclusive] - ComicsAlliance | Comics culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

2010 Apr 20, 5:04
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