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Helpful Tools

Helperator enjoys helping you with the following helpful Glitch related tools.

Find out your birthdate, age, and time until next birthday.
Favorite Streets
A notebook for streets you frequent. Annotate and add your current location to your list of favorite streets. Select one of your existing favorites to set as your destination.
View all Glitch achievements grouped in a reasonable manner and displaying which of those you have already achieved.
Skill Tree
View Glitch skills as an interactive dependency tree.
Find Nearest Feature
Starting on your current street, find the street nearest you containing what you're looking for.
Latest Streets, Achievements and Skills
A list of updates to the data in the Glitch API for achievements, skills, and hubs.


Created by SequelGuy (Dave). If you use this tool let me know and friend me on Glitch. It is a collection of tools I've put together for fun in my free time.

If you find bugs ensure you are running the latest version of your browser as I've only tested on the latest IE, FireFox and Chrome. If you have a bug on the latest version of your browser, please let me know.