Words with Hints gives you hints for Words with Friends and other Scrabble like games. Tell Words with Hints your tiles and a line of tiles on the board and Words with Hints lists your best options for placing your tiles on that line on the board.

Use a question mark in your tiles to represent a blank wildcard tile. Use a space in the board tiles to represent an empty space onto which you can play one of your tiles. As you enter your tiles and board tiles, the possible word combinations fill in automatically sorted with highest scoring words first.

Words with Hints is created by Dave Risney to help him keep up against his wife while playing Words with Friends.

Privacy Policy

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The application error and usage data is collected via Google Analytics. No identifying information is collected other than the IP address which is masked to make it non-identifying. Non-identifying information collected includes application feature usage and application errors. See the Google Analytics privacy policy for more information.