Web Frotz Interpreter

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This uses the Unix version of Frotz to run the z-code.

Why does this exist?

You can go download a much more capable application to run Zork, Lost Pig, or other works of IF. The point of this Web Frotz Interpreter is to make game states in a work of IF URI addressable. That is, as you interact with a work of IF your game state will be in the URL, and you can copy the URL, send it to someone else, let them see the history of that game session and start interacting at the point you left off. So the URL essentially becomes a saved game, but a saved game that anyone can easily link to or resolve. More on this available on my blog posts URI Addressable Text Adventure Games and Eat Pants - Interactive Fiction Sessions from my Server Logs


The text of your game log minus any identifying information such as your name or IP address may be made available on this site. For example see the 'Previous Sessions' section.

Previous Sessions

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