WPAD Server Fiddler Extension


The WPAD Server Fiddler Extension runs a WPAD (Web Proxy Auto Discovery) DHCP server. When web browsers that use WPAD (like Internet Explorer) attempt to auto discover their HTTP proxy server the WPAD Server Fiddler Extension will respond. You can configure the extension to point web browsers toward the local Fiddler instance or other proxies. Developed by Dave Risney. Send issues, comments, and questions to david.risney@microsoft.com


By default, after installation the WPAD server is not running when Fiddler starts and responds only to the local machine. There's a WPAD Server Settings tab in Fiddler's list of tab extensions in which you can change the following options:

Known Issues

If on a network with a DHCP server the WPAD server will have to race the network's DHCP server to respond to the client and may not win.

Supports only DHCPv4. IPv6 is not supported.


Download the installer: