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Vacation Starts

2003 Mar 23, 4:39My finals are finished and I'm on vacation! Yay! The past two weeks have been killer. I got very little sleep during dead week with various speeches and projects due. But that's all over with now. Presently, I'm enjoying sitting and doing nothing. Perhaps I'll even work on my long neglected tetris game. Yay again!PermalinkComments


2003 Mar 8, 8:15Finals week is closing in quickly. This quarter seemed to go by faster than usual. With the end of the quarter almost here I've got a variety of assignments to finish. Today is supposed to be the day I work on them all, but I'm easily distracted. For instance, I had read Ken Thompson's Reflections on Trusting Trust a few days ago. As the author suggested, I tried writing my own self-reproducing program. Rather than brevity, I went for clarity and good style. That was my intent anyway. Now I'm avoiding work by writing in this journal. Last night I lost my money fairly early on during poker. After that Scott gave me a dollar which, surprisingly, lasted me much longer than the previous five. Though despite that, It was a good time.PermalinkComments

Worry Beads

2003 Mar 1, 5:22Today will produce the Mardi Gras parade in my town. I haven't been the previous two years, but I'm considering it this time around. San Luis Obispo, as a college town, contains many teens and young adults who enjoy occasional festivities accompanied with inebriation. San Luis Obispo, as relatively cheap beach front or at least near beach property, contains many vacationing elderly. As we all know, voting increases proportionally with age and, as such, any person under the age of thirty in public after dark is arrested. Mardi Gras is yet another of the bouts in the battle between the Youngsters and the Old-timers in the SLO ring. I will be very happy when this quarter is over. Chemistry may yet have a happy ending, but I don't know that Technical Writing can. I don't believe any grade in that class would make me think, "I'm glad I spent all those weekends working on that report". The quarter's end will also mean I can devote some time to my attention starved Polytope Tetris project. As a side note, I was tempted to, yet again, not write in the journal on account of my poor attitude tonight. However, a journal of one entry does seems a bit slim.PermalinkComments
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