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The 'text/html' Media Type (RFC 2854)

2007 Feb 27, 12:35The media type defintion for HTML. Includes defintion of its fragment.PermalinkCommentsuri html fragment rfc ietf reference standard mime

Fragment Identifiers -- Axioms of Web architecture

2007 Feb 27, 12:30Sir Tim Berners Lee talks about how URI fragments. Interesting to note the known issue of HTTP content negotation at odds with URI fragments being content type specific.PermalinkCommentsdesign uri web fragment iri tim-berners-lee w3c

retrievr - search by sketch / search by image

2007 Feb 26, 12:13Search for pictures by drawing you own or entering the URL of an image. The tool will find images that look similar.PermalinkCommentsretrievr flickr search images tool neat-fp

Gaius Baltar: Not My President

2007 Feb 25, 11:58Shirt with a picture of Gaius Baltar (from Battlestar Galactica) reading "Not My President"PermalinkCommentshumor shirt merch baltar bsg battlestar politics neat-fp

Articles / Classic Texts in Computer Science

2007 Feb 25, 2:46Classic articles and texts on Computer Science.PermalinkCommentsbooks article algorithm documentation csc

Dane Cook Parlays New Burger King Menu Item Into Hour-Long HBO Special | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2007 Feb 23, 12:25Humorous article mocking Dane CookPermalinkCommentshumor comedy satire onion dane-cook article neat-fp

C# Graph Layout Library

2007 Feb 22, 7:23A C# graph layout library for free from Microsoft Research.PermalinkComments.net free graph microsoft research visualization csharp library glee

Independent Gaming

2007 Feb 22, 7:13List of supposedly good independent games.PermalinkCommentsenglish free games videogames windows adventure

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

2007 Feb 22, 7:07What a keyboard would have looked like a century ago.PermalinkCommentsart computer hack hardware keyboard cool steampunk neat-fp

OpenSearch / Mozilla Search Converter

2007 Feb 22, 2:35Tool I've built that allows you to turn Mozilla's search descriptions into OpenSearch descriptions that may be used in IE7.PermalinkCommentssearch ie ie7 browser me projects personal setupnewcomputer

XPointer Framework

2007 Feb 22, 10:44The standard for URI fragments for identifying portions of an XML document. I've been looking for this...PermalinkCommentsxml xpointer w3c specification standards xpath uri fragment

URI Fragment Identifiers for the text/plain Media Type (draft-wilde-text-fragment-06)

2007 Feb 22, 10:15Draft document that would update text/plain to allow for fragments identifying portions of the document.PermalinkCommentsmime uri fragment text-plain rfc ietf reference standard

Functional Requirements for Uniform Resource Names (RFC 1737)

2007 Feb 21, 6:30Standard describing the requirements of URNs.PermalinkCommentsurn standard reference rfc ietf uri

Configuring Awstats with Apache 2 on Ubuntu

2007 Feb 20, 5:39More hints on setting up awstats.PermalinkCommentsapache howto linux server statistics web awstats article ubuntu

Add music and movies to your iPod from any computer without iTunes - Lifehacker

2007 Feb 20, 3:02An article on syncing music and video to and from your iPod on any computer using a non-iTunes application.PermalinkCommentsipod itunes software music howto mp3 lifehacker blog article neat-fp

fastr - a flickr game

2007 Feb 20, 2:08Game where you're shown photos from flickr and guess what other people tagged the photo.PermalinkCommentsmashup photography flickr games game tag tagging words folksonomy neat-fp

FolkRank: A Ranking Algorithm for Folksonomies

2007 Feb 20, 1:07Abstract: "We present a formal model and a new search algorithm for folksonomies, called FolkRank, that exploits the structure of the folksonomy. The proposed algorithm is also applied to find communities within the folksonomy and is used to structure sePermalinkCommentsfolksonomy folkrank algorithm article rank sort social tag tagging

Velocity Web Site - Blink-free photos, guaranteed

2007 Feb 20, 1:00Guy applies statistics to figuring out how many pictures you need to take of a group in order to probably get one without anyone blinking.PermalinkCommentsphotography photo blink math statistics howto article

IEBlog : IPv6 URIs in IE7

2007 Feb 20, 12:32My IE blog post on IPv6 URI support in IE7.PermalinkCommentsie ie7 blog ipv6 ip uri browser reference me neat-fp

CreateUri (MSDN)

2007 Feb 20, 11:41Documentation for one of the main functions I worked on in IE7.PermalinkCommentsme projects professional createuri iuri msdn microsoft api help documentation reference internet web uri urlmon
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