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Tubewad - The Maxx

2007 May 31, 12:54I remember watching this in high school. My friend Lucas really liked the series. I should look into this...PermalinkCommentsanimation comic comics tv video mtv the-maxx maxx

Avatar: the other you

2007 May 31, 11:11An article from newscientist about videogame avatars. There's a slideshow with side by sides of people and their avatars.PermalinkCommentsinternet videogames avatar culture article photos

home · LOLCODE

2007 May 30, 9:34This is the lolcat's programming language.PermalinkCommentscode humor lolcats language programming

WSDOT Seattle Area Traffic - I-5: NE 45th St

2007 May 29, 5:59Traffic map of the seattle area.PermalinkCommentstraffic camera car public government tool free travel

Lords Hansard text for 24 May 2006 (60524-28)

2007 May 29, 5:18PermalinkComments

Ironic Sans: It Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper

2007 May 29, 1:17An interesting blogPermalinkCommentsblog art humor design monthly

Everything is Miscellaneous

2007 May 29, 1:00A blog on informationPermalinkCommentsblog information library reference social tag folksonomy tagging monthly metadata


2007 May 29, 12:59Dawdlr is like Twitter except you use physical mail and its updated twice a year =)PermalinkCommentshumor twitter mail social

What is reCAPTCHA?

2007 May 26, 7:21Captcha system that helps digitize books at the same time.PermalinkCommentscaptcha ocr spam free tool sollaboration book books

A desktop robot to light up your life

2007 May 25, 12:50A robotic desklamp.PermalinkCommentsrobot lamp light desk video mit

Ozzie - Characters of Chrono Trigger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2007 May 24, 10:48Whenever I see references to Ray Ozzie (Chief Software Arch at MS) I always think of Ozzie the evil guy from Chrono Trigger.PermalinkCommentswikipedia article wiki ozzie chronotrigger videogames

Atomic Raygun Attack!!

2007 May 24, 9:16Band has free mp3s including album based on the Futurama episode 'The Sting'PermalinkCommentsfuturama music humor video mp3


2007 May 24, 7:04Clip from Futurama featuring Morbo giving a knowledge smack down on windmills. That line makes me laugh everytime. (The funny is at the very end of the clip)PermalinkCommentsfuturama video humor tv windmill morbo

Gorillaz - Lil' Dub Chefin' Rare!

2007 May 23, 2:09Ska remix of Gorillaz M1A1PermalinkCommentsmusic video music-video youtube gorillaz spacemonkeyz remix ska m1a1

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Developers: Upcoming RSS Change

2007 May 22, 10:12Digg RSS extension that includes submitter, digg count, and comment count.PermalinkCommentsdigg rss extension xml feed

Gecko:Effective TLD Service - MozillaWiki

2007 May 22, 7:53Thoughts on determining the effective TLD of a hostname from Mozillaland.PermalinkCommentsmozilla security tld domain uri url api browser firefox dns

IE7 Feed Display Update

2007 May 22, 3:22I've created an update to the IE7 feed display.

After working on my update to the XML source view I tried running my resourcelist program on other IE DLLs including ieframe. I found that one of the resources in ieframe is the XSLT used to turn an RSS feed into the IE7 feed display.

My first thought for this was that I could embed enclosures into the feed display. For instance, have controls for youtube.com videos or podcast audio files directly in the feed display. However, I found that I can't use object or embed tags that rely on ActiveX controls in the page or in frames in the feed display.

With that through I decided I could at least add support for some RSS extensions. Thanks to IE7's RSS platform which provides a normalized view of RSS feeds it was really easy to do this. I went to several popular RSS feeds and RSS feeds that I like and took a look at the source to see what extensions I might want to add support for.

For digg.com I added support for their RSS extension which includes digg count, and submitter name and icon. I added the digg count in a box on the right and tried to make it fit in stylistically. For the iTunes RSS extension I add the feed icon, feed author, and descriptions. I was surprised by how much of the podcasts content was missing from the feed view. I also added support for a few other misc things: the slash RSS extension's section and department, the feed description to the top of the feed display, and the atom author icon.

I wonder what other goodies lurk in IE's resources...PermalinkCommentsfeed res slashdot digg resource itunes technical browser ie rss extension

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

2007 May 21, 5:05I remember visiting the Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything on my first trip to the Internet via my friend's dad's workstation at HP. Good times...PermalinkCommentsinternet humor history

YouTube - Royksopp - Remind Me

2007 May 21, 3:46Royksopp song set to infographic video.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman music video design information graph art animation visualization youtube

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

2007 May 21, 3:19A visual graph of a searchable wordnet. Cool looking. Trial version for non registered users.PermalinkCommentsvisualization graph word words design language
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