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Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2007 Oct 31, 4:41ONN piece on ninja parade.PermalinkCommentshumor onion news video ninja

In The Know: Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2007 Oct 31, 4:41ONN has a piece on how the government can help paranoid schizophrenics.PermalinkCommentsonion privacy humor video satire government

Many Eyes

2007 Oct 31, 10:41Upload your data and visualize it in various interesting ways using Java applets from IBM.PermalinkCommentsvisualization java applet ibm analysis graph

The Superest

2007 Oct 31, 10:30Artists create humorous superheros that can defeat the currently reigning superhero.PermalinkCommentshumor art blog comic superhero via:swannman

Google's timeline view

2007 Oct 30, 2:44Google has new views of search data: graphed over time and over a map.PermalinkCommentsgoogle ui view time timeline

Small World ride revamped for bigger passengers (CalorieLab Calorie Counter News)

2007 Oct 30, 12:29DisneyLand is updating the Small World ride to support fatter passengers. That is so sad.PermalinkCommentshumor health article disney obesity

flickrvision (beta)

2007 Oct 30, 12:09Map of photos uploaded to flickr.PermalinkCommentsajax map yahoo visualization flickr photo photos

WikipediaVision (beta)

2007 Oct 30, 12:07A map displaying who is editing what and from where in real-time on Wikipedia.PermalinkCommentswikipedia ajax mashup google map visualization real-time

Bad Science

2007 Oct 29, 1:48FTA: "Ben Goldacre is a medical doctor who writes the Bad Science column in the Guardian, examining the claims of scaremongering journalists, quack remedy peddlers, pseudoscientific cosmetics adverts, and evil multinational pharmaceutical corporations. ThPermalinkCommentsmonthly blog science politics religion media news healthy research humor

Chronotheric Fluxing Capacitron - a photoset on Flickr

2007 Oct 29, 1:01FTA: "A prop to accompany my Halloween 2007 costume, which was a 19th century time traveler."PermalinkCommentshumor flickr photos photo steampunk time-travel bttf flux-capacitor

Brief Miscellany

2007 Oct 29, 7:07Two brief updates to previous posts:

  1. I noted that I had a new entry on the IE blog. Some comments on the IE blog have recently been rude in their request for information on future versions of IE. For example see the first two comments responding to my post. Feeling bad about that I looked at my posts entry on delicious and saw the following:

    "This is the first blog from the IE team that I have found rigorous and informative. I skipped to the bottom to find it was written by one of the TA's from my first class at Cal Poly."

    That made me feel a bit better and I was able to catch up with someone from college. Thanks Kris!

  2. I previously had my GPS set with an Australian accent. When it encountered 'WA', as in the abbreviation for Washington in freeway exits, it pronounced it 'Western Australia'. Now I've got it with a British accent and WA is just 'W.A.' but when I tell it to drive to 'MS', the name of my saved location for work, it pronounces it 'Manuscript'.
PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft blog gps personal nontechnical

YouTube - The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance

2007 Oct 26, 12:00I don't know why I find this song so humorous.PermalinkCommentsmusic video youtube the-chemical-brothers salmon the-salmon-dance humor

Daily Show Archives

2007 Oct 24, 10:14The Daily Show archive. I was looking for this too.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal dailyshow daily-show archive humor politics videogames videos tv television

Charts And Graphs: Modern Solutions | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

2007 Oct 24, 10:12Without realizing it this was the page I was looking for three weeks ago.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal web chart graph ajax .net flash programming visualization statistics reference

RSSxl Beta - RSS Generator

2007 Oct 24, 3:26Convert HTML into RSS with some predefined strings to look for.PermalinkCommentsfeed rss tool free html convert

IEBlog : URI Comparison Functions

2007 Oct 24, 1:19My blog post on unmanaged Win32 URI comparison functions.PermalinkCommentsie blog me uri microsoft win32 windows

IEBlog: URI Comparison Functions

2007 Oct 24, 6:20I have a new post on the IE Blog on the topic of Win32 URI Comparison Functions.
I've blogged there previously on the topics of IPv6 URIs in IE7, International Mailto URIs in IE7, File URIs in Windows, and CreateURLMoniker Considered Harmful. Hooray for URIs!PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft technical blog url win32 ie windows uri

Microcontent: Headlines and Subject Lines (Alertbox)

2007 Oct 22, 2:36How to create good headlines and subjects for webpages and email.PermalinkCommentsblog article design email howto usability tutorial language internet writing web

Portal is fun; the cake is a lie!

2007 Oct 22, 4:47I purchased the Orange Box off of Steam a bit ago and like others before me who have discussed elsewhere, I already owned two of the five games that come from the Orange Box. However, the combined price of HL2E2 and Portal, the two games I actually wanted was supposedly equivalent to the price of the Orange Box bundle. Incidentally, if anyone would like HL2 or HL2E1 I can gift them to you.

HL2E2 was excellent of course but the big surprise for me was Portal. (Mild spoilers follow) It has a sort of zen simplicity: there are a few simple game-play mechanics, a handful of textures and objects, and a deceptively simple story all used well and tied together to produce an entertaining and polished game. It seems a bit short but its probably better to end with the gamer demanding more. The humor and the sort of play within a play aspect of the game is what really sold me though. It has the funniest ending theme I've heard (also blogged by the creator). The voices of the automated turrets are so adorable I would feel compelled to hug them if they weren't always trying to kill me. Additionally the weighted companion cube seems like an experiment in understanding gamers' attachment to NPCs. In this case the NPC is a box and yet I still felt awful incinerating it. The whole time I was vaguely reminded of Solitary the reality show that sticks contestants alone in small rooms forcing them to endure various tests all the while being watched by a humorous computer with a female voice. Someone should sue...

RPS has articles on Portal including a Portal review, a page suggesting Portal is a tale of lesbianism, and others.PermalinkCommentshl2e2 game hl2 solitary valve portal nontechnical

Sarah M.'s restaurants | Restaurant menus, reviews and maps on urbanspoon.com

2007 Oct 21, 10:28Sarah's restaurant reviews on urbanspon. The site provides feeds of user's reviews too.PermalinkCommentsreview people sarah-moffatt restaurant
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