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Bomb Or Not? Training For Government Agents!

2008 Jul 30, 1:59Training website to determine what's a bomb. E.g. Catwoman movie poster: "While the movie was bad, and therefore in a way "a bomb", the poster does not pose a threat to anything, not even air travel."PermalinkCommentshumor security bomb government satire travel airport

Reporters sans frontieres - Beijing Games 2008

2008 Jul 30, 10:45"Reporters Without Borders therefore offers the following practical advice to foreign journalists to help them cover the human rights situation in China." Install Tor, use PGP and other interesting things.PermalinkCommentscensorship china internet privacy olympics journalism


2008 Jul 29, 2:40"The Home of the Internet-enabled Home. We are an Open Community in the Home Automation and Domotics space. We believe an Open Source approach can revolutionize the way people create, install, and maintain software in the industry."PermalinkCommentshardware java opensource remote software home automation

Metro Logos From Around World

2008 Jul 29, 12:58The logos places from all over use to denote Metro stations.PermalinkCommentsmetro graphic design logo

YouTube - Skullmonkeys - The Lil Bonus Room music

2008 Jul 25, 1:52Music that played in a bonus room of the game Skullmonkeys. Cited by Jonathan Coulton as inspiration for the Portal end theme.PermalinkCommentsvideo music humor skullmonkeys lil-bonus-room videogame

BBC NEWS | UK | Payout for false Facebook profile

2008 Jul 24, 7:26Fake Facebook page considered libel and gets target big pounds: "Mathew Firsht was awarded 22,000 pounds in damages against an old school friend". Careful what you post...PermalinkCommentsfacebook identity law legal privacy libel

Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Jul 24, 12:59I love this poster but I can't believe it was really displayed by the London Metro. Amazing. Reads: "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes, CCTV & Metropolitan Police on buses are just two ways we're making your journey more secure."PermalinkCommentsposter propaganda london england cctv art bus photo flickr privacy security

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Your American accents

2008 Jul 23, 5:19"Everyone can do an American accent... at least everyone thinks they can. After the BBC's Stephen Robb took a lesson from one of the movie industry's top accent coaches, we asked readers to record their best US accents."PermalinkCommentsbbc audio accent language english

New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: What do your belongings say about you?

2008 Jul 22, 6:15Determine one's personality based on their home. Feels like pop science, fortune cookie results still fun though: "Sam Gosling, psychologist ... analysed photos from a handful of New Scientist readers to see what he could deduce about their personalitiesPermalinkCommentsscience psychology article personality

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / Down on the Farm by Charles Stross

2008 Jul 22, 5:17Down on the Farm by Charles Stross. Short scifi story with elements of steampunk and a math/csc based version of the occult.PermalinkCommentsmath scifi fiction free tor literature charles-stross

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / The Singularity Problem and Non-Problem

2008 Jul 22, 1:43Just for this quote: "Since then, the Singularity has come to be an object of almost religious faith in some quarters. In The Cassini Division, Ken MacLeod has a character call it "the Rapture for nerds," and that's just how I see it."PermalinkCommentssingularity scifi blog tor quote

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

2008 Jul 22, 11:09Radiohead released the data points from their latest video as CSV free for us to use, so expect odd CG videos featuring Thom York.PermalinkCommentsradiohead cc remix video


2008 Jul 22, 11:02Gallery of nice website backgroundsPermalinkCommentsbackground web webdesign free gallery graphic via:swannman

GNSO Final Report Part A - August 2007

2008 Jul 22, 10:58"ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organisation - Final Report: Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains"PermalinkCommentsicann tld dns reference

Language Log: Labov's Test

2008 Jul 21, 1:12"One proposed test is to add a 'not' to the statement and see if that makes any difference to its plausibility. If it doesn't, that statement is bullshit."PermalinkCommentsbullshit literature humor

Kirkland Uncorked Weekend

2008 Jul 21, 10:36

Kirkland Uncorked posterSaturday we went to Kirkland Uncorked, a wine tasting festival near our home. We took the bus and after finding the correct one (they really should have different numbers for buses that are on the same route but traveling in different directions) made it to the festival. Unfortunately I don't remember any of the names of the wines just which ones I enjoyed by order. Recalling that I enjoyed the first one I had and the second to last one, doesn't really help me find them again. There were local artists who had setup booths and Sarah got a lovely necklace. After that we ate at Cactus which, because it was such a lovely day, had all its windows and doors open.

Sunday was quieter. A few household chores and plenty of GTA4. I almost got the One Man Army achievement but I found that after four minutes with six stars I eventually dropped back down to three stars without realizing it.

PermalinkCommentswine weekend nontechnical

Kevin Kelly -- KK* Lifestream

2008 Jul 18, 2:14So far I've enjoyed two of this person's articles. More to come?PermalinkCommentsblog cool monthly kevin-kelly


2008 Jul 18, 2:13A neat looking blog to investigate.PermalinkCommentsblog cool humor monthly

Cabinet of Wonders: The Art of Gesture in Tourist Italy

2008 Jul 18, 2:00Photos of tourists holding up the leaning tower. But from the wrong angle so they just look silly.PermalinkCommentshumor photo italy tourist

GoogleUnique Names

2008 Jul 18, 1:50On GoogleUnique names for children. "Oh, and I have a GoogleCommon name. I share my name with so many other people that we have our own Kevin Kelly disambiguation website." To avoid race conditions be sure to use your NIC's ID in the child's name.PermalinkCommentsname identity google search language kevin-kelly
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