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2008 Sep 30, 12:11"Before he was on The Daily Show, before he was the PC in the Mac commercials, John Hodgman wondered, just like you, about the very special world of famous people. Now he explains why being one of America's best-known minor celebrities is even better than you imagined"PermalinkCommentsjohn-hodgman humor article apple tv fame

Debugging Toolbox

2008 Sep 30, 11:14Tools and hints for debugging esp. WinDbg. Some interesting things in here. "...When I'm not debugging applications with Windbg, I'm working on tools (utility software) like those presented in this blog. My tools should help you during your debugging or troubleshooting session. "PermalinkCommentsblog windows debug windbg powershell tool programming

Business & Technology | Jobs with real authority: working on Microsoft's spell-checker | Seattle Times Newspaper

2008 Sep 30, 11:05Article on the team that owns the Office spell-checker: 'But, the team asked itself, should "calender" be flagged, or squiggled - have the red squiggly underline that indicates a misspelling? Yes, because letting it go through as correct "more often masks the really common spelling error that people make for calendar."' I didn't even realize they had written calender rather than calendar in the articlePermalinkCommentsmicrosoft office spell-check language


2008 Sep 30, 10:46A rogue group of knitters 'tag' public objects and places with knit pieces. See thier gallery. "tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from beer bottles on easy nights to public monuments and utility poles on more ambitious outings."PermalinkCommentshumor art graffiti streetart knit cultural-disobediance

MAKE: Blog: Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners

2008 Sep 29, 3:07'These metal plates contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed.' What an awesome idea. Display messages to your friendly TSA x-ray security folk by cutting the messages into a plate of metal and placing it in your bag.PermalinkCommentshumor security product wishlist tsa airport x-ray

How To Build Better High Fructose Corn Syrup Propaganda | The A.V. Club

2008 Sep 29, 2:33A short post on the topic of those irritating high fructose corn syrup commericals: 'Really, there's no way that you could make something called "high fructose corn syrup" sound good for you. Which is why, instead of irritating the public with defensive commercials featuring gross, brightly colored "juice," the Corn Refiners Association should just call "high fructose corn syrup" something more appealing: like "Deliciosity," or "Yummy Tummy Syrup," or "So You Think You Can Sweeten?" or "Fun Sugar"'PermalinkCommentshumor onion video corn-syrup corn propaganda tv commercial

Internet Explorer Makes Desperate Overture To Become Default Browser | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2008 Sep 29, 2:28'"Internet Explorer is not currently your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?" the software program asked in an attempt to guilt Drewing into accepting its offer out of pure pity.'PermalinkCommentsonion humor browser ie microsoft

The diskette that blew Trixters mind - Oldskooler Ramblings

2008 Sep 29, 1:45"So the manual is correct, and this truly is a mixed-format, mixed-architecture, mixed-sided diskette. This diskette has officially blown my mind."PermalinkCommentshack disk hardware history game computer

Bogotissimo! / the aesthetics of being wrong

2008 Sep 29, 1:41"Lately I have been thinking about Glitch-Art, an emerging aesthetics inside Digital Art which takes the computational error as its subject."PermalinkCommentsart computer error glitch

YouTube - HTML 5: Features you want desperately but still can't use

2008 Sep 29, 1:39Demos some of the working HTML5 features now available in recent builds of FireFox, IE8, Safari, and Opera. "Speaker: Ian Hickson. As the HTML5 effort reaches its first big milestone -- feature completeness -- browsers are starting to implement it. It will be years before you can rely on HTML5 support when writing Web pages and applications, but you can start to experiment today to get a feel of what the new standard offers. This talk will explore some of the most recent implementations of HTML5 features."PermalinkCommentshtml5 ian-hickson html google video browser ie8

Nikon unveils Coolpix S60: Digital Photography Review

2008 Sep 27, 7:18"Nikon has launched the Coolpix S60 in addition to the four S-series compact cameras. This 10MP digital camera with 3.5" touch-panel LCD and 5x zoom lens, has Vibration Reduction along with features such as time-lapse movies, in-camera retouch and HDMi output."PermalinkCommentsnikon camera digital photography photo review

YouTube - Bambi & Thumper

2008 Sep 26, 7:18Real life Bambi and Thumper. Cute!PermalinkCommentsyoutube cute video bunny dear

Fantasy Magazine - Guest Column: Five Thoughts On The Popularity Of Steampunk

2008 Sep 26, 2:22This made me laugh: "People think of goths as weirdoes who take vampires too seriously, and therefore they can't help being worried on some level that a crazy goth might, you know, want to make them bleed. Whereas steampunks are - what? Weirdoes who take pocket-watches too seriously? What are they gonna do, vehemently tell you what time it is?"PermalinkCommentssteampunk article goth scifi geek via:ethan_t_hein

Drumline Meets Revenge of the Nerds - CollegeHumor video

2008 Sep 26, 10:34"Drumline Meets Revenge of the Nerds. UC Berkeley's Marching band is still only 16-bit."PermalinkCommentshumor video drumline berkley videogame nintendo

Facebook | Help Center

2008 Sep 24, 6:37Info on how to get at what RSS feeds Facebook provides. "Facebook allows you to subscribe to a variety of rapidly updating content on the site. You can easily keep track of all of your friend's status updates, posted items and notes." I'd like a RSS feed of my news feed please.PermalinkCommentsrss facebook reference help

Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE)

2008 Sep 24, 1:44"Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. You shoot a set of overlapping photographs of a scene from a single location, and Image Composite Editor creates a high-resolution panorama incorporating all your images at full resolution."PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft research image photo panorama tool free ice stitching

Anecdotes from Work

2008 Sep 23, 2:15

Diveristy in NumbersThe names in the following anecdote have been changed. Except for my name (I'm Dave).

I got a new laptop a while back. I had it in my office and Tim came in to ask me something but paused when he saw my laptop. "Oh, is this one of those new touch screen laptops?" he asked, the whole time moving his hand towards my laptop and punctuating his sentence by pressing his finger to the screen. "No" I responded.

Walking down a hallway I heard Winston, one of our managers, say, "Hey Tim!" Winston catches up to me and asks, "Are you almost done with the XYZ bug?" I realized Winston was talking to me and got my name wrong but I figured I'll ignore it and perhaps he'll realize his mistake. Winston continued "I just talked with some people who say they're blocked and waiting for Tim to finish the XYZ bug." "Dave" I said helpfully attempting to diplomatically correct Winston since he apparently hadn't realized his error. "No, it was Jeremy and Bill." Winston said naming the people he had talked to who were waiting for me to fix the XYZ bug. At this point I decided it would be easier to just answer his question and end the conversation than to get into this whole thing. As far as I know, Winston has not gotten my name wrong at any other time.

PermalinkCommentswork nontechnical

Bailout Satire

2008 Sep 23, 1:19The economic bailout program written as 419 spam. "I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My country has had crisis that has caused the need for large transfer of funds of 800 billion dollars US. If you would assist me in this transfer, it would be most profitable to you."PermalinkCommentshumor politics economics satire spam via:boingboing

Street Corner Science with Leon Lederman Pt.1 | ScienCentral | Science Videos | Science News

2008 Sep 23, 1:11"...a film crew and a renowned scientist are plunked down on a busy city street corner, and an impromptu Q&A session with the public ensues." I like the concept. Two videos on the topicPermalinkCommentsvideo science education physics nyc via:boingboing

Carnegie's Restaurant

2008 Sep 23, 10:58Matt says this is a good restaurant. It certainly looks interesting.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman seattle food restaurant
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