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mimesniff - Project Hosting on Google Code

2009 Sep 30, 5:16Open source implementation of the mime sniffing standard that fell out of HTML5.PermalinkCommentshtml5 mime mime-sniffing mimetype opensource open-source technical library google

Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ

2009 Sep 30, 5:12Bjarne Stroustrup answers the age old style questions like "int *p or int* p?" and "const int a or int const a?"PermalinkCommentsreference c++ faq style coding programming bjarne-stroustrup technical

HD DVD / Randomness... : Why not use hashes for the Anti-Phishing Filter?

2009 Sep 30, 4:07The hashing part makes sense, but not the 'why no URL query' bit: "But because victim=12345 has already been visited they satisfy condition 2 and they get the 404 page fooling them into thinking the site has already been taken down. So query strings don't really work." You could implement the same thing in the path and even were that not the case there's no telling that removing the query would get you the same page. What's described here is a general method to circumvent the AP filter not an explaination as to why it avoids the query portion of the URL.PermalinkCommentsphishing technical web browser http url hash

The WHATWG Blog » Blog Archive » Sniffing for RSS 1.0 feeds served as text/html

2009 Sep 29, 10:54How Firefox and IE7&8 perform feed sniffingPermalinkCommentsrss feed atom mime mime-sniffing sniffing mimetype web browser html5 technical

Zork rock anthem - Boing Boing

2009 Sep 29, 10:26Zork walkthrough as song works pretty well actually.PermalinkCommentsmusic mp3 free zork if interactive-fiction game videogame

TimeLapse Typhoon "Nangka" over Hong Kong

2009 Sep 28, 7:57"This is a timelapse from 7am until 9pm of Typhoon Nangka hitting Hong Kong."PermalinkCommentsvideo timelapse weather youtube hong-kong

YouTube - high five new york city

2009 Sep 28, 5:09Biker high fives folks hailing cabs in New York.PermalinkCommentshigh-five video nyc new-york humor

the ragbag - arial & helvetica on friday, i hosted a screening...

2009 Sep 27, 2:28Poster demonstrating example differences between Arial and Helvetica. Love the end line: "my buddies [said] ... “a documentary about a font is as interesting as it sounds.” i could not agree more."PermalinkCommentsvisualization font design helvetica typography arial poster

Flowers Installed

2009 Sep 27, 11:28

sequelguy posted a photo:

Flowers Installed

Sarah planted the flowers in the yard

PermalinkCommentsflowers sarah yard

Sarah's Fallout 3 Bear Bed

2009 Sep 27, 11:28

sequelguy posted a photo:

Sarah's Fallout 3 Bear Bed

Sarah's Fallout 3 teddy bear collection in Megaton.

PermalinkCommentssarah teddybear megaton fallout3

Flowers Pre-Installation

2009 Sep 27, 11:28

sequelguy posted a photo:

Flowers Pre-Installation


Stuffed Bunny on Bunny

2009 Sep 27, 11:28

sequelguy posted a photo:

Stuffed Bunny on Bunny

PermalinkCommentscute bunny

Internet Archive: Free Download: The Spirituals to Swing Concerts of 1938 - 1939 (April 11, 1971)

2009 Sep 25, 12:14"Phil Elwood presents the complete recordings of two concerts organized by John Hammond and given on the Christmas Eves of 1938 and 1939 at Carnegie Hall; featuring the best Swing, Blues, and Gospel musicians of the day. Performers include Charlie Christian, Lester Young, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Bill Broozy, and many others"PermalinkCommentsmusic cc swing concert

Museum Day 2009 | Smithsonian.com

2009 Sep 25, 5:32Smithsonian sponsors a free museum day with free admission to museums across the US tomorrow (2009-09-26)PermalinkCommentsfree magazine museum

Joho the Blog » Broadband. Trust them.

2009 Sep 25, 5:18"The closest the organization comes to stating its actual intent is in the wording of the print ad they’re running. Hmm. On the open medium of the Internet the organization hides its purpose, but in the controlled medium of print, they come close to stating it. How unexpected!"PermalinkCommentsnet-neutrality network-neutrality network internet broadband isp cable humor

Comcast Digital Switch Impact on My Windows Media Center

2009 Sep 25, 2:19

Amateur wireless station (LOC)Irritatingly out of line with what their commercials say, in my area Comcast, under the covers of the national broadcast digital switch, is sneaking in their own switch to digital, moving channels above 30 to their own digital format. Previously, I had Windows 7 Media Center running on a PC with a Hauppauge PVR500 which can decode two television signals at once setup to record shows I like. The XBox 360 works great as a Media Center client letting me easily watch the recorded shows over my home network on my normal TV.

Unfortunately with Comcast's change, now one needs a cable box or a Comcast digital to analog converter in order to view their signal, but Comcast is offering up to two free converters for those who'd like them. The second of my two free converters I hooked up to the Media Center PC and I got the IR Blaster that came with my Hauppauge out of the garage. I plugged in the USB IR Blaster to my PC, connected one of the IR transmitters to the 1st port on the IR Blaster, and sat the IR transmitter next to the converter's IR receiver. I went through the Media Center TV setup again and happily it was able to figure out how to correctly change the channel on the converter. So I can record now, however:

  1. I can only record one thing at a time now
  2. Changing the channel is slow taking many seconds (no flipping through channels for me)
  3. The Hauppauge card can't know if the channel change worked. So if it tries to change to HBO (I get it for free with one of the Comcast packages) which is encrypted and the converted won't show, the channel doesn't change but the PC doesn't know it and ends up recording some other channel.
To fix (3) I need to manually go through and remove channels I don't have from the Media Center. To fix (1) I may be able to get a second IR transmitter, a third digital converter, hook it up to one of the other inputs on my Hauppauge, and go back through the Media Center TV setup. There's no fix for (2) but that's not so bad. All in all, its just generally frustrating that they're breaking my setup with no obvious benefit.PermalinkCommentsdigital tv hauppauge mce cable windows media center comcast

Sam Ruby: Chromie Don’t Play That

2009 Sep 24, 3:58"Put more constructively, if GCF mentioned application/xhtml+xml AND intercepted it, my site would “just work”. But that wouldn’t be an “opt in”, a concept that Ian Hickson once described as yet another quirks mode switch."PermalinkCommentschrome google web browser extension webbrowser mime xml xhtml technical

hackademix.net » Strict Transport Security in NoScript

2009 Sep 24, 3:51A proposed new HTTP header 'X-Force-TLS' to indicate a site only wants to be over HTTPS.PermalinkCommentshttp header security https extension noscript web browser webbrowser

Bookmarklet of death: Domain hijacking without 0days | GNUCITIZEN

2009 Sep 23, 7:56"I do understand that it would be annoying to warn users every time they run a bookmarklet, but I think it would be sensible to show a warning at least the first time a given bookmarklet is executed. If you work for a popular web browser vendor such as Microsoft or Mozilla, you can think of this as my wish for the day! I'd love to hear your feedback if you are reading this!"PermalinkCommentstechnical bookmarklet bookmarklets security web webbrowser javascript

ASCIIpOrtal | Cymons Games

2009 Sep 23, 3:13ASCIIpOrtal is now released!PermalinkCommentsascii text game videogame humor portal valve free via:waxy
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