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RFC 4627 - The application/json Media Type for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

2010 Mar 31, 7:59Defines the mime type for JSON as well as JSON itself.PermalinkCommentstechnical json mimetype mime javascript ietf rfc specification

Client-side Cross-domain Security

2010 Mar 31, 7:54"Summary: Exploring cross-domain threats and use cases, security principles for cross-origin requests, and finally, weighing the risks for developers to enhance cross-domain access from web applications running in the browser."PermalinkCommentstechnical msdn microsoft security xss XMLHttpRequest web browser

A Turing Machine Overview

2010 Mar 28, 4:37Mike Davey builds a Turing Machine drawing ones and zeros on tape. Pretty cool, but the tape length is only finite.PermalinkCommentsfsm turing-machine video technical

Mastering Windows Search using Advanced Query Syntax

2010 Mar 28, 4:29Some interesting queries for Windows search like size:>50MB, broadcastdate:2005, datetaken:6/12/2006.PermalinkCommentswindows search syntax win7 howto technical

EricLaw's IEInternals : HTTP/HTTPS Port-Blocking in WinINET

2010 Mar 26, 5:16Interesting point that web browsers block HTML FORMs from submitting to some ports in order to avoid malicious servers from getting clients to do their dirty work. Of course it requires the host on the other side of that port to be able to interpret the HTTP request as something relevant to the protocol they actually expect.PermalinkCommentssecurity web browser ie http html form technical

Widget Packaging and Configuration

2010 Mar 26, 2:28"Widgets are client-side applications that are authored using Web standards, but whose content can also be embedded into Web documents."PermalinkCommentsw3c spec widget web application technical

mobster on the Behance Network

2010 Mar 25, 4:18UK graffiti by mobster
PermalinkCommentsmobster graffiti photos cultural-disobediance

I’m Here – A Robot Love Story by Spike Jonze

2010 Mar 25, 3:53Spike Jonze short film "I'm Here" released.PermalinkCommentsspike-jonze video film robot

YouTube - Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek

2010 Mar 24, 2:41Amazing video of coming soon features to Photoshop. Photoshop has been verb'ed and now Photoshop is working on tools to make photoshopping a photo that much easier.PermalinkCommentsadobe video photoshop via:waxy technical

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" from Eric Appel, Aaron Paul, Olivia Wilde, Al Yankovic, Patton Oswalt, Paul Scheer, BRIAN HUSKEY, and christiansprenger - Video

2010 Mar 23, 12:02"Trailer for the upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic. This film is sure to sweep next year's Academy Awards."
PermalinkCommentshumor video weird-al parody trailer

YouTube - The Lazy Programmer's Guide to Secure Computing

2010 Mar 23, 9:10Laziness is a virtue in programming esp. wrt. security. Marc Stiegler gives a talk at Google on the topic.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal programming security video google lazy

PDF Most Common File Type in Targeted Attacks - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab

2010 Mar 22, 8:40PDF overtakes Word as targeted attack vector of choice.PermalinkCommentssecurity office adobe pdf word powerpoint microsoft technical statistics internet malware

YouTube - Chatroulette Piano Ode to Merton.m4v

2010 Mar 21, 6:06Ben Folds sings to folks on Chatroulette during a concert. This is the best use of Chatroulette yet although I can only imagine this really working for Ben Folds concerts or They Might Be Giants concerts.PermalinkCommentschatroulette ben-folds music live awesome humor video youtube

Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help

2010 Mar 21, 3:22Google Calendar Sync is an Outlook plugin that syncs your Google and Outlook calendars (you get to pick 1way and direction or 2way sync'ing). This almost looks like what I want but perhaps my feature requests are too obscure for someone to have already implemented them:
Events marked personal added on my Outlook calendar should get full 2-way sync'ing with my Google calendar.
All other events added on my Outlook calendar should be assumed to have private company information and should get 1-way sync'ing with just the time and location - no attendees or subject or desceiption.
All events added on my Google calendar should get full 2-way sync'ing with Outlook and there should be marked personal.

I doubt I'm going to find a pre-made app to do this so I guess I should get coding. Otoh, if they ever bring the updated Android OS that has Exchange support to my G1 maybe none of this would be necessary...PermalinkCommentsgoogle calendar outlook microsoft tool free technical

API Overview Guide - Google Calendar APIs and Tools - Google Code

2010 Mar 21, 2:59Google's reference docs for their calendar apis.PermalinkCommentsgoogle calendar api programming reference technical

Douglas Crockford Facts

2010 Mar 18, 7:23Right behind Bruce Schneier, Douglas Crockford now gets his own Facts page including awesome facts like "Crockford is the sole user of the super-strict equality operator (====), which either returns true or kicks you in the balls."PermalinkCommentsdouglas-crockford humor javascript nerd technical

Where's Walden? » Whole-text DOM functionality and Acid3 redux

2010 Mar 18, 7:15This article describes the largest problem with the Acid3 test: "Acid3 often didn’t test things web authors wanted, but instead it tested things that were broken or not implemented regardless whether anyone truly cared."PermalinkCommentsacid3 web browser html dom test technical

Magnatune - Why we are Not Evil

2010 Mar 17, 7:41A music site that does creative commons no-DRM mp3 music.PermalinkCommentsmp3 music drm creativecommons cc free online

webfinger enabled for all gmail accounts with public profiles - WebFinger | Google Groups

2010 Mar 13, 5:27WebFinger is finger but for the Web...PermalinkCommentswebfinger web google finger http metadata url technical

Easy: Connect your RSS or Atom feed to Google Buzz

2010 Mar 12, 1:28

It was relatively easy, although still more difficult than I would have guessed, to hook my bespoke website's Atom feed up to Google Buzz. I already have a Google email account and associated profile so Buzz just showed up in my Gmail interface. Setting it up it offered to connect to my YouTube account or my Google Chat account but I didn't see an option to connect to an arbitrary RSS or Atom feed like I expected.

But of course hooking up an arbitrary Atom or RSS feed is documented. You hook it up in the same manner you claim a website as your own via the Google Profile (for some reason they want to ensure you own the feed connected to your Buzz account). You do this via Google's social graph API which uses XFN or FOAF. I used XFN by simply adding a link to my feed to my Google profile (And be sure to check the 'This is a profile page about me' which ensures that a rel="me" tag is added to the HTML on your profile. This is how XFN works.) And by adding a corresponding link in my feed back to my Google profile page with the following:

atom:link rel="me" href="http://www.google.com/profiles/david.risney"
I used this Google tool to check my XFN connections and when I checked back the next day my feed showed up in Google Buzz's configuration dialog.

So more difficult than I would have expected (more difficult than just an 'Add your feed' button and textbox) but not super difficult. And yet after reading this Buzz from DeWitt Clinton I feel better about opting-in to Google's Social API.

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