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Text ads in open source code will add millions in funding to OSS movement -

2009 Apr 1, 9:26"Open source code will contain text ads in comments and variable names, and Google and other text ad companies will scan the open source code repositories and fund the projects based on what they find in the code"PermalinkCommentshumor opensource advertising code

Internet Explorer 8: History of the Internet

2009 Mar 20, 10:10Its IE8 advertising that doesn't make me cringe. On the contrary it has Ask a Ninja, Janeane Garofalo, and several comedians I recall collectively from either 'I Love the [decade]' or 'Best Week Ever'.PermalinkCommentshumor video ie8 advertising via:louis

Internet Explorer 8 Released

2009 Mar 20, 6:18

Our Fearless Leader reveals IE8 at MIX09. Photo by DBegley.IE8, the software I've been working on for some time now, has finally been released at MIX09.

As I mentioned previously, I worked on accelerators (previously named Activities) in IE8. Looking at the kinds of things I blog about on the IE Blog, you might also correctly guess that I work on the networking stack. Ask me about what else I worked on during IE8 development. The past few months were very busy for me and I'm happy this is finally out.PermalinkCommentstechnical internet explorer ie8

25 ideas: Creating An Open-Source Business Model For Newspapers

2009 Feb 26, 11:52This is what I'd like in a newspaper: "1: Focus on original content, do not rewrite wire stories or press releases." and "2: Focus on hyper-local coverage, newspapers should "own" their regional beat because they have the best contacts and the best understanding of local companies and issues."PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook newspaper advertising business journalism internet

philosecurity - Blog Archive - Interview with an Adware Author

2009 Jan 13, 6:20"So we've progressed now from having just a Registry key entry, to having an executable, to having a randomly-named executable, to having an executable which is shuffled around a little bit on each machine, to one that's encrypted - really more just obfuscated - to an executable that doesn't even run as an executable. It runs merely as a series of threads."PermalinkCommentssecurity privacy adware malware advertising ie browser scheme interview bho via:li

"Don't forget..." - a set on Flickr

2009 Jan 13, 1:31More photos of the ad attacked with Photoshop windows.PermalinkCommentshumor art photo flickr graffiti streetart advertising street photoshop cultural-disobediance

Advertisement Gets a Street Art Photoshop Makeover | PSFK

2009 Jan 13, 1:29"A crew of artists (Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy) have done up a slick pop music advertisement with a Photoshop makeover. Typical Photoshop windows have been wheatpasted over the faces of three ubiquitous top 40 music stars."PermalinkCommentshumor ad advertising streetart street art cultural-disobediance graffiti photoshop

"Ever since I started working with Motorola" - Google Search

2008 Nov 25, 2:48PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing.comments marketing advertising motoral phone cellphone viral-marketing


2008 Nov 23, 9:34The folks who made the awesome inforgraphic music video for Royksopp's 'Remind Me' has it as well as a bunch of their other videos on the site.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman visualization music video music-video art advertising design animation france

Sonja Eddings Brown is Rather Unpleasant - The Rehabilitated Student

2008 Nov 16, 10:13"Imagine my mild surprise when I discovered that the woman who terrorized me in my final days in high school is the face of Proposition 8. Sonja Eddings Brown is everything you would expect a Proposition 8 supporter to be: someone with misplaced values and a knack for being a big bully. Yes, a middle-aged mother of three went out of her way to threaten to kick a high school senior out of her valedictory speaking position simply because the student refused to have (strange) words placed her mouth and to be used as a propagandistic advertising vehicle."PermalinkCommentspolitics education california sonja-eddings-brown high-school via:kris.kowal

"Single?" Lawn Signs Conquer the American Landscape - The Metric System

2008 Nov 6, 6:27Examination of the who and why behind those 'Single?' lawn signs: 'At this point, I came to the realization that every question I answered seemed to introduce two more. In this case, they were "did someone hire these firms or are they acting on their own?" and, more confusingly, "how did a web design firm in Panama or India get a lawn sign physically planted in the front lawn of my high school in South Jersey?"'PermalinkCommentssign blog marketing dns advertising business web internet research

PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration

2008 Oct 15, 2:53Stylish blog that looks like it has interesting cultural and business related articles and links (not just weird/humorous).PermalinkCommentsblog web advertising monthly design culture business


2008 Oct 14, 12:50Cardboard filter that turns video monitors into an array of large color-changing boxes applied to public video billboard ads: "Pixelator turns those ugly, blinding video billboard ads into art."PermalinkCommentsart streetart cultural-disobediance subway graffiti advertising nyc diy howto

YouTube - Bill Hicks - Corporate Shills

2008 Sep 5, 2:15"Do a commercial, there's a price on your head, everything you say is suspect..." Bill Hicks quotes about actors who do commercials mixed with music laid on top of video of famous actors in cheesy commericials makes for a surprisingly catchy video. (Lyrics NSFW)PermalinkCommentsmusic video humor commercial advertising bill-hicks

Tech Tracks | Microsoft launching Windows ad campaign at 5:15 p.m. with spot on NFL season opener tonight | Seattle Times Newspaper Blog

2008 Sep 4, 6:08The new Windows ad campaign begins. I thought it was funny. I thought it'd be more directly aimed at the Mac ads and have something about Vista. I'm no ad expert though so what do I know? "The ad to air tonight is the first of a series and is meant to be humorous, said a company spokeswoman. She would provide no additional details about the campaign." Oh, jokes! I get jokes. Thanks for the tip company spokeswoman!PermalinkCommentshumor video advertising microsoft

Anthropomorphic Cannibalism - a set on Flickr

2008 Aug 26, 3:32A collection of ads featuring "food so good that it actually eats itself". I really like the hat wearing slice of bread carrying a baguette.PermalinkCommentshumor art photo food ad advertising via:boingboing

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

2008 Jul 11, 1:39The ad agency that Microsoft has a new deal with has done all of the interesting or weird ad campaigns I can think of: crazy BK commercials, f'd up Sprite commercials, the KNOW HIV dancing people... Of course their site is Flash.PermalinkCommentsad advertising business

Advertising: Microsoft Hires Too-Cool Ad Agency In Brilliant/ Dumb (?) Move

2008 Jul 11, 1:35Furious George comments: "Extensive focus group testing shows that having Seth Rogen present as a relatable everyman enhances positive feelings about the possibility of having sex with Megan Fox, and hence, using Windows."PermalinkCommentsad advertising microsoft

A jerk you'll want to buy rags from. - By Seth Stevenson - Slate Magazine

2008 Jun 19, 4:21Funny quotes + Billy Mays coverage! "He appears to be saying 'I am a carnie huckster, you know it and I know it, but that's OK because this product is that good.'"PermalinkCommentstv infomercial advertising article

Welcome to Airship Ventures

2008 May 12, 5:13Finally, geez! "Airship Ventures is a corporation formed with the objective of bringing Zeppelin NT airships to the USA for commercial air tours, media and advertising operations, scientific research, and special missions."PermalinkCommentssteampunk travel zeppelin via:kris.kowal
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