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YouTube - The Song of the Count - Lemon Demon Version

2008 Feb 1, 8:08Its the Song of the Count with some unnecessary censorship.PermalinkCommentshumor youtube video sesame-street count the-count unnecessary-censorship

OpenNet Initiative Blog - Blog Archive - Pakistan, Martial Law & the Internet

2007 Nov 7, 1:53Link roundup and summary article on censorship in Pakistan since Pervez Musharraf suspended the constitution on November 3rd.PermalinkCommentsinternet web censorship politics legal pakistan blog article

Slashdot | LiveJournal Says Users are Responsible for Content of Links

2007 Sep 4, 1:52Do I need to look for a new blogging service? I'll just keep backing up my content...PermalinkCommentsblog censorship internet livejournal

Report Says the Young Buy Violent Games and Movies - New York Times

2007 Apr 13, 2:52Shocking newsflash: Kids view adult content! OMG! FTA: "Commission investigators also found that youth access to violent fare had fallen since 2000, especially in video games. Only 42 percent of unaccompanied young buyers were able to buy games rated M (fPermalinkCommentsarticle business censorship government rights violence videogames


2007 Mar 19, 1:23A site dedicated to creating a tool for leaking documents in an uncensorable fashion.PermalinkCommentswiki politics censorship government privacy security crypto cryptography
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