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What's New with the Glue Society - Hi-Fructose Magazine

2008 Nov 21, 3:52I like the melted ice cream truck. "Our Australian friends 'The Glue Society', a group of artists, designers and projecteers, have created these amazing series of sculptures and films where they've created chair rainbows on the frozen tundra, a curb-side wrap party, gratuitous nudie pictures for airplanes passing by, a house of crates, and a blow-up doll's vacation paradise."PermalinkCommentsstreetart art prank culture nature photo sculpture ice-cream-truck via:boingboing

PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration

2008 Oct 15, 2:53Stylish blog that looks like it has interesting cultural and business related articles and links (not just weird/humorous).PermalinkCommentsblog web advertising monthly design culture business

The Quantified Self

2008 Sep 16, 4:56All about self-trackers who track and graph all sorts of personal data. I suppose mycrocosm is like the self-tracker's twitter. "A quick overview of the emerging culture of self-tracking ran in the Washington Post the other day. Called "Bytes of Life: For Every Move, Mood and Bodily Function, There's a Web Site to Help You Keep Track." The subtitle is a gross exaggeration, although in time it will be true."PermalinkCommentsprivacy data social personal kevin-kelly

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about "Design and Making Things" - Archive - ZEVS: Visual Kidnapping

2008 Aug 14, 4:52"French street artist ZEVS ... now also has a home in the art world and had his first exhibition in Asia: Postcapitalism Kidnapping at Hong Kong-based gallery Art Statements, documenting how ZEVS cleverly distorts the logos of big brands. For PingMag, he explains their visual power."PermalinkCommentsgraffiti culture art cultural-disobediance interview streetart guerilla - Neal Stephenson: Science Fiction as a Literary Gen

2008 Jul 14, 4:37"Neal Stephenson delivered a talk entitled The Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture at Gresham College." Talk is sort of pop analysis of geeky entertainment. Lots of annecdotal evidence but interesting ideas anyway.PermalinkCommentsgeek history neal-stephenson scifi fiction literature culture video

Smithsonian Magazine | Arts & Culture | Showcasing Shams

2008 May 19, 11:46Museum of fraudulent art. "Instead of being destroyed, as they were in the past, the fraudulent pieces will live to see another day in the Museum of Fakes, established in 1991 as part of the University of Salerno's Center for the Study of Forgery."PermalinkCommentsart museum fraud via:boingboing

Interactive Flythrough of Internet Memes (w/ videos)

2008 May 3, 1:01PermalinkCommentsmeme culture humor timeline internet via:elmersglue

Gin, Television, and Social Surplus - Here Comes Everybody

2008 Apr 28, 12:55Clay Shirky talks about the surplus of thought that TV occupies.PermalinkCommentsarticle clay-shirky culture internet tv technology collaboration community history

Wired 14.04: The Culture War

2008 Apr 8, 1:52"The Culture War: How new media keeps corrupting our children." Article snippets condemning novels in 1700s, the Waltz 1800s, Movies, Telephone, etc etc. for corrupting the youthPermalinkCommentsarticle wired videogames culture youth media censorship comic politics history humor

Protest Culture -- Ad Hoc vs Institutional, and What it Means (Event Video/Audio) | Berkman Center

2008 Mar 31, 3:43Clay Shirky talks to a very small audience. Starts with more examples like prev. video. @20:30 describes interesting problems he hasn't resolved. @31:04 interesting exchange between listeners and Clay.PermalinkCommentsvideo cooperation social web politics law internet culture collaboration community

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Some Yo-Yo Ma and More: Free Classical Music Podcasts | Open Culture

2008 Mar 9, 1:10"With the recent 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth, there has been no shortage of podcasts dedicated to Mozart's masterpieces."PermalinkCommentspodcast mp3 music download rss free copyright cc classical mozart bach beethoven via:felix42


2008 Feb 18, 6:02FTA: "PicoCool is dedicated to bringing you tiny bytes and obscure content from the world of peer media, social networks and subcultures. Cool content from real people."PermalinkCommentsblog design culture art emily-chang monthly

the cost of monoculture (Mozilla in Asia - Blog Archive)

2008 Feb 11, 5:50The story of South Korea's ActiveX web encryption scheme.PermalinkCommentsblog article ie internet microsoft mozilla security ssl activex korea south-korea seed

decio: il blog: Commercial made real: Holy Trinit, Rome

2008 Jan 16, 3:55FTA: "A bunch of men launched a whopping half million balls down the stairs of Holy Trinit on Pincio Hill in Rome."PermalinkCommentsart video culture cultural-disobediance humor via:boingboing


2007 Dec 23, 8:47Banksy's website.PermalinkCommentsart culture graffiti homepage streetart satire public politics banksy cultural-disobediance

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank

2007 Dec 23, 8:46Banksy replaces Paris Hilton CDs with his own satirical music and cover art in stores.PermalinkCommentsart article culture graffiti hack humor music parody prank streetart paris-hilton bbc

Wooster Collective: A Wooster Exclusive: Banksy Hits New York's Most Famous Museums (All of

2007 Dec 23, 8:44Banksy adds his own pieces to NY's museums.PermalinkCommentsart article culture graffiti hack humor museum nyc painting prank streetart banksy

Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark's clock | Art, Architecture & Design | Guardian Unlimited Arts

2007 Nov 26, 12:32Guerrilla clockmakers fix famous Paris clock. Andrew says: "It seems a team of clockmakers broke into the Pantheon in Paris in September 2005 and spent a year fixing the historic and neglected clock, which had been abandoned by the authorities. They werePermalinkCommentsclock culture history humor paris france via:boingboing cultural-disobediance

Maud Newton: Blog - Army Man

2007 Nov 12, 4:28Excerpts and brief history of Army Man a zine by one of the original Simpson's writers from before The Simpsons. I like 'An Amusing Anecdote' and the Bride's heckling.PermalinkCommentshumor culture history simpsons blog article via:boingboing

Language Log: The wheel of reincarnation

2007 Oct 9, 2:13Comic mocking Internet culture via the life and times of the phrase "Don't tase me bro!"PermalinkCommentshumor comic youtube irony internet culture
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