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boz - web bookmarking

2007 Apr 8, 9:02Bookmark things on delicious very privately. This is an actual tool this time that uses encryption to ensure that even delicious doesn't know what you bookmarked.PermalinkCommentsbookmark cryptography encryption privacy delicious tag tagging tool

Creating a self-signed SSL certificate: Ubuntu

2007 Feb 7, 5:38A howto on creating a self-signed cert for your webpage on Ubuntu.PermalinkCommentslinux ssl ubuntu howto apache tutorial https certificate privacy encryption CA

Bruce Schneier Facts (Everybody Loves Eric Raymond)

2007 Jan 29, 2:16This is Chuck Norris facts for Bruce Schneier. Example: "SSL is invulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Unless that man is Bruce Schneier.", "Bruce Schneier doesn't keep secrets -- they keep themselves out of fear.PermalinkCommentseric-raymond bruce-schneier security humor encryption crypto nerd

RFC 1847 - Security Multiparts for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted

2006 Dec 27, 9:42This document defines a framework within which security services may be applied to MIME body parts.PermalinkCommentsrfc mime internet reference privacy encryption security encoding authentication read

RFC 3156 - MIME Security with OpenPGP

2006 Dec 27, 9:37This document describes how the OpenPGP Message Format can be used to provide privacy and authentication using the MIME security content types described in RFC 1847.PermalinkCommentsrfc pgp openpgp mime internet reference privacy encryption security encoding authentication read
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