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Fox's Page of Miscellany

2007 Mar 19, 3:39Jim's homepage.PermalinkCommentsjim-fox friend homepage microsoft

Vizicious Update

2007 Mar 14, 12:44I've been working on a personal project Vizicious. Vizicious displays a graph of your delicious links or (this is the new part) your flickr photos.

I had this previously on my old website but I've rewritten it and separated out the presentation portion from the part that does all the real work. This means its alot easier for me to incorporate new kinds of input (like flickr feeds).

Anyway, if you're not interested in the details just click here to see my photos tagged 'france' run through Vizicious.PermalinkCommentsvizicious technical homepage

Tag Hierarchy

2007 Mar 13, 12:24My project that given an XML list of items with tags produces an XML graph of those items and tags. I used this in one of my other projects Vizicious as well as on my homepage to produce hierarchy for my project links.PermalinkCommentsme projects taghierarchy personal java

Angie Sommer's Homepage

2007 Mar 5, 2:10Angie's blog. Doesn't look to updated too often... Hrm.PermalinkCommentsangie-sommer homepage boldlog friend

PHP Manual

2007 Jan 19, 5:06PHP standes for "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor". Its an open source, server side scripting language. Its running my homepage.PermalinkCommentsphp programming reference development web webdesign code documentation software open-source opensource quickreference

Moved to Server-Side Scripting

2007 Jan 19, 9:15I've moved my homepage to server-side scripting. Previously I've mentioned that I was using client side scripting to interpret and sort my livejournal and delicious entries together. Now I'm using PHP and XSLTs to process and sort my livejournal, delicious, flickr, and librarything entries. See my homepage for the finished result.
LibraryThing is pretty cool despite being pretty niche. Its like flickr but for books. I display a random sampling of the covers of books I have listed in librarything on my page. I've also hooked the display of the covers of my book up to the corner image. Now when you hover over the cover of a book a bigger picture of its cover appears in the corner of the webpage. Also, flickr entries in the main section how have the same on hover behavior.
This may not be the best use of my time, but its still fun.PermalinkCommentslibrarything xslt delicious homepage flickr technical php livejournal script

New Server

2007 Jan 9, 6:08Ever since the power outage from mid December my web server has been down. So sad. Now thanks to Eric I've got a new server. Apache isn't configured quite right yet so several things won't be working (like vizicious or anything else that runs code).PermalinkCommentsapache server homepage

More Homepage Updates

2006 Nov 6, 6:51I've updated my webpage some more. I now have the onmouseover on the thumbnails in my photos section. So that's fun. I'm using the flickr badge script and then including a javascript file I made that finds the flickr imgs in my page and adds in onmouseover and onmouseout events. I've also got the whole thing validating on W3C's HTML validator and W3C's CSS validator.

The one thing I'd like to fix is the comments for my blog posts. They aren't included in the RSS feed. I'm shopping for a blog site that supports comment counts in the RSS feed at least. If possible I'd like the actual comments to appear in the feed but I doubt anyone does that.PermalinkCommentscss html script validator homepage flickr

Cool New Thing

2006 Nov 3, 3:02I'm updating my homepage to include a sorted list of my livejournal blog entries and my del.icio.us bookmarks. I'm using BadgerFish to convert the XML of the RSS feeds of the two into JavaScript objects. At that point I can do fun stuff like sorting them into lists on my page. Neat. This is how I spend my free time... OK.PermalinkCommentsxml badgerfish feed rss script livejournal delicious homepage

Eric Lawrence

2006 Feb 3, 12:19|Eric LawrencePermalinkCommentseric-lawrence blog homepage ie http monthly friend

Stripe Snoop :: Homepage

2005 Dec 5, 6:27PermalinkCommentsdevelopment hack hardware card

a brief history of setHomePage()

2005 Mar 28, 10:45PermalinkCommentsreference blog development ie

delete this;

2005 Mar 27, 6:23This is my homepage. Don't tell Comcast.PermalinkCommentshomepage me projects blog personal
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