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GPS Jamming Circumvention Scheme

2008 Apr 22, 4:34Anti-anti GPS. Wait, they need a second positioning scheme to make this work? Lame. "A first signal is transmitted from a portable unit including the receiver to a component of a second positioning system that is different from the GPS. A second signal isPermalinkCommentsgps gps-jamming patent

Search and Archive of Dave's Things

2008 Apr 7, 10:31

Photo of crates in a warehouse. Licensed under creative commons by Don Jones.I now have search and an archive available for my site. I previously tried to setup crappy search by cheating using Yahoo Pipes and now instead I have a slightly less crappy search that works over all of the content that I've produced on my blog, uploaded to flickr or youtube, or added to delicious.

You can now read my first LiveJournal blog post or, for probably much more entertainment value, view all the photos and videos of Cadbury by searching for 'bunny'.

The search is only slightly less lame because although it searches over all my content, I still implemented it myself rather than getting a professional package. Also, the feed supports the same search and archive as my homepage so you can subscribe to a feed of Cadbury if you're so inclined and just skip all this other boring stuff. My homepage and feed implement the OpenSearch response elements and I've got an OpenSearch search provider (source) as well.

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Web Q&A: XPath, XML Notepad, Data Islands, Case Sensitivity, XSL, and More -- MSDN Magazine, September 2001

2008 Feb 7, 2:36To summ up the last Q&A, the one I was interested in: "Is there any way to escape the characters " and ' in an XPath expression...". And their answer is no. Lame. I thought XPath folk would have defined this.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft msdn xpath xml article

Tiger Team - Car Dealership

2007 Dec 26, 8:41So many things I shouldn't like: its on court tv, its a reality show, lame name, the website is entirely flash. But its like Sneakers the TV series so...PermalinkCommentstelevision tiger-team video free

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2007 Jul 12, 8:40ONN news story on the crash of the Internet. I blame that Mac the guy was using.PermalinkCommentshumor news onion video internet

Unspun IE List

2007 Jun 21, 2:38Unspun is a social list creation website from Amazon. For instance, you could create a list named 'Most Desired Features for Next Version of Internet Explorer' and users of Unspun fill in and rank the answers. There's a mix of serious answers that are excellent suggestions, fan-boy answers that are lame, uninformed answers that are already implemented, and hilarious answers that are awesome. The following is the very short unsorted list of the awesome suggestions.
Innovative Anti-Phreaking Technology
Given the work done in IE7 on anti-phishing, subsequent work on anti-phreaking just makes sense.
AXELROD 2.8 Acceleration with XML Bindings
I'm not sure what AXELROD 2.8 is but accelerating it sounds good. Also I enjoy binding things to XML so...
Larger Buttons for My Mighty Fingers
For maximum humor this should be read by Richard Horvitz as Zim of Invader Zim. This one makes me laugh every time I read it.
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OS-Tan - Gallery: Lamest Technology Mascots Ever (Wired)

2007 May 2, 1:00Apparently there's something called OS-tan in which Windows OSes are represented as anime styled characters. Very odd.PermalinkCommentsarticle os-tan humor images weird anime

Homemade Flame Thrower - Google Video

2006 Sep 25, 8:47PermalinkCommentshumor video hack flame-thrower
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