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Gmail integration with Internet Explorer 8

2008 Apr 3, 9:00

Internet Explorer LogoGmail Logo licensed under CC by Victor de la FuenteWith the new features of IE8 there's several easy ways to integrate Gmail, Google's web mail service, for mail composition, searching, and monitoring that I enjoy using.

I made a Send via Gmail activity that allows you to select some text, a document, or link and via the activity menu open a new tab to compose a new message with the selection. Go to my activity page and click "Send via Gmail" (source) to install it. I found info on the gmail composition URL in the comments of this gmail howto article and used that in the activity. I talked about activities previously.
I've made a search provider that searches your gmail account. See my search provider page and select 'Gmail' (source) to install the Gmail search provider. Search providers aren't new to IE8 but this fits in with Gmail integration in IE. Again in the comments of another howto I found information on a Gmail search URL.
New to IE8 is authenticated feed support and favorites bar monitoring which combined with the Gmail inbox feed means you can see when you get new mail in your favorites bar in IE. To do this, navigate to the feed, click 'Subscribe to this feed', then click on the Add button in the upper left (the star with plus icon) and select 'Monitor on Favorites Bar' to add this as a monitored item in the favorites bar. Next, right click on the new item in your favorites bar, open the properties dialog, and enter your Gmail username and password into the new username and password fields. Now when you get new mail the Gmail feed item will shine and bold and you'll be able to get to new messages in the dropdown. I described monitored feed items previously.
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Dinner with Goodwins at Icon Grill

2008 Mar 27, 9:33

The Goodwin family, except for Michelle who is taking a class trip to Washington DC and New York, was in Seattle this week. Sarah and I met up with them for dinner last night at the Icon Grill. I enjoy the Icon Grill in general and last night was no exception especially having dinner with the Goodwins which was a lot of fun. It was particularly cold and at one point snowed. The Goodwin's are seeing all the classic tourist attractions in Seattle some of which are depicted in the following 1962 Seattle's Worlds Fair postcard. The postcard is featured on Paleo-Future and unsurprisingly the 1962 Worlds Fair favored Seattle's Space Needle and monorail.

[Icon Grill front. Licensed under under Creative Commons. By Troy B Thompson][Seattle's Worlds Fair Postcard]

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The music of Lee Maddeford - Creative Commons

2008 Mar 5, 2:30Creative Commons website talks about Lee Maddeford who released his music under CC Attribution-NonCommercial license. "There's a huge variety of quality music (well over 10 hours of recordings) to enjoy, crossing several genres and many projects led byPermalinkCommentslee-maddeford music cc copyright

Dump Your Pen Friend on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Feb 18, 1:38A photo of a flickr photo used in an advertising campaign without the creator or photo subject's knowledge in violation of the photo's license. Details in the comments. This is an old one I thought I had bookmarked...PermalinkCommentsadvertising creativecommons flickr copyright ip photo photography australia

Schmap Licenses my Photos

2008 Feb 18, 1:34

Hotel Diva Computer RoomI got a FlickrMail from Emma J. Williams a bit ago saying that they wanted to use two of my photos in their Schmap San Francisco Guide online travel guide. So now you can see two of my vacation photos on the Westfield San Francisco Shopping Center Schmap page and the Hotel Diva Schmap page.

Westfield San Francisco EscalatorI think its wonderful that digital cameras are at the point where I really don't have to know much about their workings to produce a photo that's reasonable looking. And its thanks to Flickr and searchable tags that Schmap could find my photos. Since my photos on Flickr are all licensed under a Creative Commons license named Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic which only applies to non-commercial uses, Schmap, which is advertisement supported, kindly asked me if they could use my photos. I agreed to their license which was human readable and included wonderful stuff like I get in place attribution and the license is only applicable while Schmap makes their guide freely available online.

Previously I've only heard of folks having their flickr photos used without their permission so I'm glad to know that's not always the case. Or perhaps this is just Schmap's clever method of getting me to blog about them.

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A Place So Foreign and Eight More - HTML

2008 Jan 2, 5:49Cory Doctorow's short stories from 'A Place So Foreign and Eight More' that are licensed under Creative Commons in HTML.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow books literature html download free

Creative Commons Launches CC0 and CC+ Programs - Creative Commons

2007 Dec 19, 2:56New Creative Common licenses CC0 and CC+.PermalinkCommentscopyright creativecommons legal rights business cc+ cc0 law via:felix42


2007 Jun 25, 3:13I keep seeing 'Ozzie' on emails and such now due mainly to Ray Ozzie who is now the Chief Software Architect at Microsoft and his brother Jack Ozzie. Whenever I see his name I think of Ozzie from Chrono Trigger. He was one third of a trio of villains, the other two being Flea and Slash. I feel like I should be thinking of the Ozzy for which this Ozzie was named but I really don't.
Ray Ozzie. Links to license.Ozzie from Chrono Trigger. Links to license.Ozzy Osbourne. Links to license.
My next thought on Ozzie is the Scottish guy who went to my high school. He'd shout 'Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!' to which listeners were compelled to respond 'Oi! Oi! Oi!'. The wikipedia article on the chant has some thoughts on the origins but I suppose at Microsoft it could take on entirely new meaning. I really hope I'm someday in a meeting with Ray or Jack Ozzie and have the opportunity...PermalinkCommentsozzy personal ozzie random nontechnical


2007 May 2, 4:49Joost lets you watch TV on your computer. They've already licensed a bunch of folk including Viacom. I can't wait until I can stop paying for cable.PermalinkCommentstv p2p video web social free


2004 Sep 10, 12:04I got my driver's license today. Imagine that. I lost all of the points that I could on the parallel parking portion of the test. You know in California they don't test you on parallel parking ability. With my new license my functional impairment level has moved from minor to non-existent. Hoo-raw. Incidentally if you search for the phrase "stealth geriatrics" on google, the first link is to a power point presentation entitled "stealth geriatrics." I just thought that was a funny phrase.PermalinkComments

MAKE | Proscribed Printables

1969 Dec 31, 8:00PermalinkComments3d printer gun law diy
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