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YouTube - Hitler finds out his subtitles are wrong

2009 Aug 26, 3:28"Don't they know this is just another passing lame-ass internet fad?" Hitler mocks the subtitled Hitler Internet meme, and those not in on the joke. Note that this is a bit meta: see some of the other videos first for examples of what Hitler is talking about here.PermalinkCommentshumor youtube video hitler meme

How myths are made – Bad Science

2009 Aug 12, 8:08"In a formal academic paper, every claim is referenced to another academic paper... This convention gives us an opportunity to study how ideas spread, and myths grow, because in theory you could trace who references what, and how, to see an entire belief system evolve from the original data."PermalinkCommentsscience meme research health medicine ben-goldacre network graph

E309: Scribblenauts DS settles Kraken vs. God vs. Keyboard Cat debate

2009 Jun 5, 3:27Looks cool and includes things like Keyboard Cat and Looong Cat.PermalinkCommentsgame nintendo video scribblenauts internet meme

Mix an Exploding Drink - Wired How-To Wiki

2009 Jun 4, 3:14You've seen the YouTube clips demonstrating the riotous effect of dropping Mentos into Diet Coke. Why not turn the fizzy fun into an epic party prank of your own? Here's our recipe for a little cocktail we call the Manhattan Project.PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing mentos meme wired humor coke soda howto alcohol drink for:hellosarah

Slashdot slashdots Slashdot - Boing Boing

2009 Feb 10, 10:51This meme-tastic comment made me laugh.PermalinkCommentshumor boingboing slashdot meme

Know Your Meme | Rocketboom

2008 Dec 29, 4:44Rocketboom makes Know Your Meme video explaining the history of various Internet memes with attached example links. Fairly humorous.PermalinkCommentshumor video internet meme history

knitta and obey on delancey on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Nov 18, 1:49Double meme score FTW!PermalinkCommentsmeme photo flickr obey knitta streetart street graffiti cultural-disobediance

YouTube - Barack Roll

2008 Aug 10, 3:55Its the Barack Roll edited with Barack singing over Rick Astley.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein barack video politics youtube mashup memes humor

Interactive Flythrough of Internet Memes (w/ videos)

2008 May 3, 1:01PermalinkCommentsmeme culture humor timeline internet via:elmersglue

CD Cover Meme - Brainiac - The Boston Globe

2008 Mar 18, 3:52Method to generate CD album covers similar to the 'what's your porn name' rules but takes advantage of Wikipedia and Flickr.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein cd graphic art meme internet flickr album-art article

deathboy: anonymous vs scientology

2008 Feb 11, 1:25A blog post on an Internet organized protest of scientology in England. Great photos.PermalinkCommentshumor cult scientology protest blog england internet religion meme

Lemon Demon

2008 Jan 30, 2:04Somehow I missed the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny music video Internet meme. This is a list of Lemon Demon's work including the previously mentioned meme.PermalinkCommentslemon-demon music video meme internet-meme ultimate-showdown-of-ultimate-destiny

TED | Talks | Dan Dennett: Ants, terrorism, and the awesome power of memes (video)

2007 Nov 6, 9:02Dan Dennett's TED talk on memes.PermalinkCommentsdan-dennett ted memes video

Neomeme - Nine Cool Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Wikipedia

2007 Jul 2, 9:36PermalinkCommentsarticle wikipedia blog list
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