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Bits Up!: DNS Prefetching for Firefox

2009 Jun 22, 3:28Details on Firefox's DNS prefetching: "The Firefox implementation takes this approach one step further than just pre-resolving anchor href hostnames. It uses the prefetch logic on URLs that are being included in the current document. By this I mean that it uses the prefetch logic on things like images, css, and jscript that are being loaded right away, in addition to anchor links which might be clicked on at a slightly later time."PermalinkCommentsdns dns-prefetching html performance networking firefox mozilla technical

Controlling DNS prefetching - MDC

2009 Jun 22, 2:53"Firefox 3.5 performs DNS prefetching. This is a feature by which Firefox proactively performs domain name resolution on both links that the user may choose to follow as well as URLs for items referenced by the document, including images, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth."PermalinkCommentsdns firefox mozilla networking performance dns-prefetching technical

The Hyperwords Company

2009 May 3, 4:23"With Hyperwords for Firefox you can select any word on any web page and do useful things." That sounds useful -- he thought using his Delicious Accelerator in IE8 to bookmark the webpage. This has existed since 2005?PermalinkCommentsmozilla firefox browser plugin extension via:ethan_t_hein

Mark Finkle's Weblog - Firefox 3 - Web Protocol Handlers

2009 Apr 7, 12:12HTML5's registerProtocolHandler seems to come from a cool FireFox 3 feature: "With web protocol handlers, the web application can register the specific protocol it wants to handle. Firefox will then prompt the user to choose which of the registered applications (web or desktop) it should use to handle the action. Any protocol, real or imaginary, can be used - mailto: is only one example, webcal:, tel: and fax: are others."PermalinkCommentsfirefox uri scheme protocol mozilla html5 registerProtocolHandler

Planet HTML5

2009 Apr 7, 10:04Aggregation of feeds concerning HTML5 including Ian Hickson's, Planet Mozilla, Planet WebKit, the IE Blog, the WHATWG blog, etc etc.PermalinkCommentsw3c html5 html blog feed daily

Mozilla Labs launches geolocation extension

2008 Oct 13, 2:21Neat geolocation API for web apps: "Mozilla Labs has announced the availability of Geode, an experimental Firefox extension that implements the W3C Geolocation Specification. Geode provides an early preview of the same location-aware functionality that will be included in both Fennec and Firefox 3.1."PermalinkCommentsgeolocation geo w3c mozilla javascript web

Re: [DNSOP] Public Suffix List

2008 Sep 10, 1:32Discussion on IETF DNS mailing list about Mozilla's Public Suffix list and what they should do ultimately. "I'm inclined to suggest: Gather and hard-code your list into Firefox, and also provide a mechanism by which domain authorities can publish information which overrides your list for their domain."PermalinkCommentsidn domain firefox publicsuffix ietf mozilla tld

WebAIM: Blog - History of the browser user-agent string

2008 Sep 8, 7:00A brief history of user agent strings in web browsers, culminating in: "And thus Chrome used WebKit, and pretended to be Safari, and WebKit pretended to be KHTML, and KHTML pretended to be Gecko, and all browsers pretended to be Mozilla, and Chrome called itself Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13, and the user agent string was a complete mess, and near useless, and everyone pretended to be everyone else, and confusion abounded."PermalinkCommentshumor internet browser mozilla google chrome user-agent ie

Why Verbs? - Not The User's Fault

2008 Aug 28, 11:15I can't say why this is funny: "First, the really big picture of what Ubiquity is supposed to be all about: It's a step towards a Web where verbs (i.e. functionality, i.e. commands, i.e. services) are first-class citizens. And that's why I'm thinking it should be renamed from Ubiquity to something like "Mozilla Verbs", maybe."PermalinkCommentsmozilla firefox ubiquity ui via:ethan_t_hein

TippingPoint | DVLabs | Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Vulnerability

2008 Jun 18, 3:57No details in the article other than remote code execution. Browsers are hard.PermalinkCommentsbrowser firefox security

Firefox Mobile Concept Video on Vimeo

2008 Jun 12, 10:45Neat stuff for a Mobile Firefox concept: "A demo of an experimental UI for Mobile Firefox by Aza Raskin, Head of UX for Mozilla Labs. See for more information."PermalinkCommentsbrowser interface video firefox mobile ui phone

HTTP headers and non-asci characters (Content-Disposition, filename, attachment) Article

2008 Mar 8, 11:43"I was not able to find universal settings to do this task, but it looks like Mozilla based browsers accepts utf-8 encoded headers and headers Encoded Word Extensions from RFC 2231. Internet explorer accepts utf-8 filenames only when 1. the data are URL ePermalinkCommentshttp http-header charset ascii utf8 mozilla ie browser content-disposition

the cost of monoculture (Mozilla in Asia - Blog Archive)

2008 Feb 11, 5:50The story of South Korea's ActiveX web encryption scheme.PermalinkCommentsblog article ie internet microsoft mozilla security ssl activex korea south-korea seed

Gmail S/MIME for Firefox

2007 Oct 15, 1:33Info on a plugin for FireFox that gives GMail S/MIME support. This is a similar idea to the last but these folks have executed the idea in a different fashion.PermalinkCommentsarticle browser blog cryptography crypto mail mime mozilla pgp privacy security extension firefox gmail google - ErrorZilla - Useful error pages for Firefox

2007 Aug 21, 10:22Replace FireFox's error pages with some useful options like check or coral cache.PermalinkCommentserror mozilla firefox reference extension cache archive whois

Lifehacker Code: About This Site add-on (Firefox) - Lifehacker

2007 Aug 21, 10:19More URI related stuff in a FF plugin.PermalinkCommentslifehacker mozilla reference extension firefox review article

Bug 389580 - some schemes with %00 launch unexpected handlers on windows

2007 Jul 29, 12:54Mozilla's bug notes on the previously marked FireFox exploit.PermalinkCommentsfirefox bug browser security mozilla windows ie7 microsoft

CSSVista: Live CSS editing with Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously

2007 Jun 20, 1:05A tool that lets you edit HTML & CSS in realtime with views rendered in IE and Firefox side by side.PermalinkCommentsbrowser ie ie7 firefox mozilla css debug html free software download tool tools web

Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox - MDC

2007 Jun 5, 5:50Firefox's notes on their implementation of the OpenSearch description.PermalinkCommentsapi browser firefox internet search opensearch programming reference mozilla mycroft specification

Gecko:Effective TLD Service - MozillaWiki

2007 May 22, 7:53Thoughts on determining the effective TLD of a hostname from Mozillaland.PermalinkCommentsmozilla security tld domain uri url api browser firefox dns
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