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Remixes of the paranoid London police "anti-terror"/suspect your neighbours posters - Boing Boing

2009 Mar 26, 2:24PermalinkCommentshumor politics poster paranoia security via:boingboing.comments photoshop privacy

Effektive CV/Poster Mailer on the Behance Network

2009 Mar 22, 10:35Graphic designer's awesome resume.PermalinkCommentsresume internet art design portfolio

Olly Moss

2009 Jan 20, 6:01Olly Moss designs posters and things that I see people linking to all over the place on the web. Lots of good stuff, esp. the zombies. Check out his flickr account too.PermalinkCommentsolly-moss design poster movie art

Party Movies Recommended by Netflix

2008 Sep 18, 10:31
Poster for 24 Hour Party PeoplePoster for Human TrafficPoster for The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

Netflix has recommended three party movies over my time with Netflix and if you're OK with movies featuring sex, drugs, rock&roll (or techno) as almost the main character then I can recommend at least The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down.

24 Hour Party People is based on the true story of Tony Wilson, journalist, band manager, and club owner (not all at once) around the rise of punk and new wave in England. Like many true-story based movies it starts off strong and very interesting but gets very slow at the end like the writers got bored and just started copying the actual events. Unless you have some interest in the history of music in the 80s in Manchester I don't recommend this movie.

Human Traffic is fun and funny following a group of friends going out for a night of clubbing and partying. I had to get over seeing John Simm as not The Master from Doctor Who but rather as a partying youth. It felt like it was geared towards viewers who were on something like the totally odd techno musical interludes with the characters dancing for no apparent reason. Otherwise the movie was good.

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down is done in the style of an old educational movie on the topic of clubbing and partying. It sounds like a premise that would get old but they do a good job. While demonstrating drinking and driving they have scientists push a mouse around in a toy convertible. Enough said. It was funny and I recommend it.

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Bomb Or Not? Training For Government Agents!

2008 Jul 30, 1:59Training website to determine what's a bomb. E.g. Catwoman movie poster: "While the movie was bad, and therefore in a way "a bomb", the poster does not pose a threat to anything, not even air travel."PermalinkCommentshumor security bomb government satire travel airport

Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Jul 24, 12:59I love this poster but I can't believe it was really displayed by the London Metro. Amazing. Reads: "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes, CCTV & Metropolitan Police on buses are just two ways we're making your journey more secure."PermalinkCommentsposter propaganda london england cctv art bus photo flickr privacy security

Kirkland Uncorked Weekend

2008 Jul 21, 10:36

Kirkland Uncorked posterSaturday we went to Kirkland Uncorked, a wine tasting festival near our home. We took the bus and after finding the correct one (they really should have different numbers for buses that are on the same route but traveling in different directions) made it to the festival. Unfortunately I don't remember any of the names of the wines just which ones I enjoyed by order. Recalling that I enjoyed the first one I had and the second to last one, doesn't really help me find them again. There were local artists who had setup booths and Sarah got a lovely necklace. After that we ate at Cactus which, because it was such a lovely day, had all its windows and doors open.

Sunday was quieter. A few household chores and plenty of GTA4. I almost got the One Man Army achievement but I found that after four minutes with six stars I eventually dropped back down to three stars without realizing it.

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WWII Government Bonds Poster

2008 Jun 24, 9:57

sequelguy posted a photo:

WWII Government Bonds Poster

A WWII poster proclaims: "Save to beat the devil! Buy vicotry bonds" depicting a stylized Hitler as the devil looking concerned.

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NetFlix Media Center and Ong-Bak

2008 Jun 15, 7:57

Ong-Bak movie poster.I just installed vmcNetFlix which lets you watch your on demand NetFlix movies via your Vista Media Center or any Media Center Extenders like the Xbox 360. It works well but fails poorly with some cryptic error messages and long timeouts. Be sure to get NetFlix on demand movies working in your browser before installing this plugin. Once I did that everything worked very well.

To test it out I watched Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior in which Ting must travel from his country village to Bangkok where he works with his cousin in the city to recover his village's stolen religious artifact. Its a mix of Perfect Strangers, Street Fighter and Pad-See Ew. Martial arts movies, like porn and video games, aren't required to have a strong plot but Ong-Bak has a fine plot line and enjoyable Thai martial arts. I saw the Tiger Knee in there several times. An enjoyable movie that reminded me of watching martial arts movies with my friends in high school.

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Watermind Home of the American Classics Line featuring Rosie the Riveter

2008 May 28, 3:27A WWI poster with a fallen plane and the text "consider the possible consequences if you are careless in your work". I feel like this should go up in Eric's office.PermalinkCommentsposter purchase wwi propaganda

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

2008 Feb 18, 2:24I saw the poster and thought someone was photoshopping me. I actually enjoyed the first movie (minus the bathroom scene).PermalinkCommentshumor movie harold-and-kumar guantanamo-bay

Submarine Cable Map 2007: Maps: TeleGeography Research

2008 Jan 31, 11:29A lovely infographic style map of underwater cabling. Actually its a poster. And it costs $250. Argh!PermalinkCommentsvia:newscientist graph visualization map network technology underwater cable internet purchase product

PaleoFuture - Posters

2008 Jan 16, 6:32Posters of past predictions of the future from the awesome blog PaleoFuture. Hopefully they get some more cool stuff here.PermalinkCommentspurchase product poster humor future blog

Despair, Inc.

2007 Dec 19, 2:49Despair, Inc. makes humorous shirts and posters that parody the office standard inspirational posters. I haven't been in a while and it looks like they have new stuff with more variety.PermalinkCommentsparody geek wallpaper shopping technology poster office humor

How To Spot a Cylon - Propaganda Style Poster

2007 Dec 18, 11:18A poster with a checklist on spotting Cylons done in a 50's propaganda style.PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing bsg battlestar art design howto humor poster propaganda scifi television wishlist shopping


2007 Aug 6, 4:07I've moved from my previous apartment in Redmond into Sarah's condo in Kirkland. Over the past week I'd been coming home from work and packing and sorting all of my belongings. Everything had a few destination options: I donated two carts of computer related junk (two CRTs, two desktops, six laptops, untold number of cables, piles of network and sound cards, etc) to RE-PC and six garbage bags of clothing that I either never wear or into which I have worn holes into friendly looking clothing donation bins. Of course I still need to find some place to get rid of my 15 inch CRT TV, VCR, DVD player, and X-Box. I finally emptied my bags of coins that had been collecting for about seven years (one of the bags was from my college orientation) through Coinstar and got ~$160. Some items seemed to fit very well at work like my satirical RIAA propaganda poster and my Darth Vader Nutcracker. This past weekend I had movers come and actually move my furniture. Most of its now in storage except for my living room which is moved into Sarah's second bedroom. Now all I have to do is unpack...PermalinkCommentsmove personal repc recycle nontechnical


2007 Mar 30, 1:50Cool retro shirts and posters.PermalinkCommentscool poster shirt retro product shopping

All Hail Robot Nixon : Strk3 :

2007 Mar 24, 1:22A poster suggesting you vote for Robot Nixon (Futurama reference).PermalinkCommentshumor nixon robots poster product futurama wishlist purchase

The Colbert Report - Colbert Report: Fireplace Portrait Poster

2007 Mar 24, 1:18A poster of the portrait above Stephen Colbert's fireplace on the Colbert Report.PermalinkCommentscolbert shopping poster stephen-colbert humor - Vintage Chinese Propaganda Posters

2007 Mar 21, 5:18Get a Chinese propaganda poster personalized with your face in place of the face of someone on the poster.PermalinkCommentsart poster propaganda painting vintage humor china chinese
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