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XSPF: XML Shareable Playlist Format: Home

2009 Mar 10, 11:31"XSPF is the XML format for sharing playlists." Supported by the Yahoo! Media Player.PermalinkCommentsreference internet xml playlist music opensource

Google search results for "KH(Ax)N" for x=1 to 100 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2009 Jan 16, 2:10A graph showing how many people use the word Khan spelled with varying number of 'A's.PermalinkCommentshumor via:boingboing graph data startrek khan google

knitta and obey on delancey on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Nov 18, 1:49Double meme score FTW!PermalinkCommentsmeme photo flickr obey knitta streetart street graffiti cultural-disobediance

Five year old recursive on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Oct 15, 10:50Clever idea. Photo of a girl holding photos of herself holding photos of herself etc with age decreasing in one year increments per photo.PermalinkCommentsphoto recursive via:mattb

Mr. And Mrs. Vader on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Sep 18, 11:33"This was just too funny and a great idea. The hand holding just added to the humor. It is good to see Vader in a relationship finally. Maybe he won't be so grumpy and short tempered from now on."PermalinkCommentsgeek humor starwars darth-vader

Mike's Digital Home : How To: Share Recorded TV with other Media Centers

2008 Aug 21, 10:40"I see a lot of questions in the Media Center newsgroups and forums asking how to access recorded TV from another Media Center in the house. This is fairly easy to accomplish. In this entry I'll walk you through it in Vista; XP is almost the same except for some of the steps for sharing and securing the folder."PermalinkCommentstv vista windows mce sharing mediacenter dvr howto

Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Jul 24, 12:59I love this poster but I can't believe it was really displayed by the London Metro. Amazing. Reads: "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes, CCTV & Metropolitan Police on buses are just two ways we're making your journey more secure."PermalinkCommentsposter propaganda london england cctv art bus photo flickr privacy security

"Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl" on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Jun 19, 11:57I saw '"Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl", an installation by Mandy Greer' at Bumbershoot and again at the Bellevue Arts Museum with some other of Mandy Greer's work. I must resist urge to roll around on the yarn everytime.PermalinkCommentsphoto art mandy-greer bumbershoot

Street Art in East Village, New York City on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 May 2, 11:53"This is a brilliant combination of pixel art and street art."PermalinkCommentsart photo graffiti streetart via:picocool

Flickr: Banksy

2008 Feb 19, 1:28Flickr group for folks photos of Banksy's work. FTA: "This group is for sharing your photos of work by Banksy"PermalinkCommentsflickr photos banksy cultural-disobediance via:picocool

Dump Your Pen Friend on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Feb 18, 1:38A photo of a flickr photo used in an advertising campaign without the creator or photo subject's knowledge in violation of the photo's license. Details in the comments. This is an old one I thought I had bookmarked...PermalinkCommentsadvertising creativecommons flickr copyright ip photo photography australia

My Stuff - Swivel

2008 Jan 3, 12:29This is me on Swivel a site like Many Eyes that does social data table and data table visualization sharing.PermalinkCommentsproldfile me data database visualization social

Theme Options

2007 Dec 24, 12:41These days it seems like there's a social sharing website for everything representable as bits. Like Scribd for (mostly legal) documents, SciVee for scientific research videos, Wordie for words, and Kuler for color themes. Kuler seems like a ridiculous website (overkill) but I had been meaning to update my homepage's color design and Kuler has an RSS based REST API. The API lets you obtain things like the most recently added color themes or the most popular or all themes containing the color dark red, etc... So of course rather than update my website's design I hooked up my css to the color themes coming out of Kuler. Select my main page's color theme from a list of random Kuler themes. As I'm sure the regular readers can guess I use an xslt and blah blah blah... It looks OK with Silver Surfer and Happy Hipo but in general changing the colors this way doesn't produce something pretty.

When reading about Kuler I found that they may have stolen the whole idea wholeslae from ColourLovers. They discuss the thievery in an article on their blog. I would have switched over to ColourLovers out of principle but they don't have an easily accessible API.PermalinkCommentscolourlovers color xslt theme homepage technical kuler design


2007 Dec 19, 10:37Social website for sharing color schemes... Useful?PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman design color webdesign web generator gallery social

Zune Arts 'los corazones'

2007 Dec 13, 4:57A bear dances with a dead bear friend after sharing half its heart. Love the DBZ reference.PermalinkCommentszune art video music dbz

First-Gen Zune Getting All The New Features: This is How You Treat Your Customers - Gizmodo

2007 Oct 3, 6:18The new Zune features are available to existing Zune owners via software upgrade. Awesome!PermalinkCommentszune microsoft mp3 news sharing upgrade

Canadian Wedding

2007 Jul 15, 5:08This previous weekend Sarah and I went to Canada for my friends Palak and Meghal's wedding. Our five day stay took us on the route from Toronto, to Burlington (for the wedding), and then Niagra.

Hotel near CN TowerIn Toronto we visited the CN Tower, the ROM, and the Bata Shoe Museum. We generally acted like tourists walking around taking photos of things, putting on sun block, and not saying 'eh'. But we could have been worse like the drunk American college students in front of us in line for the CN Tower asking the guide if the CN Tower is taller than the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. We stumbled upon the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit which was really interesting. Sarah in particular recalls the cute stuffed animal monsters.

Palak And Meghal's Wedding 6After Toronto we drove to Burlington where Palak and Meghal's wedding would take place. We got up early and made it on time to the wedding which was lovely. I hadn't attended an Indian wedding previously so it was a new experience for me. During the ceremony the child in front of me kept peeking over her parent's shoulder and staring at me. It lasted all day with a break after lunch during which we drove around and experienced small town Ontario. After the break cousins performed dances for Palak and Meghal and then we all danced the night away until the wee hours.

Niagra FallsIn Niagra we stayed in a hotel room with a falls view which was lovely. We went on the Maid of the Mist tour that takes tourists right up to the falls in a boat and drenches them. We also went on the Behind the Falls tour which was not as fun. In both we are given rain coats which are essentially glorified plstic trash bags. For dinner we ate in the hotel restaurant which had a lovely view of the falls. At night the falls are lit up in various colors with gigantic lights.PermalinkCommentsniagra wedding personal toronto nontechnical

Office with a View

2007 Jul 14, 3:12New OfficeI've been at Microsoft three years as of last Thursday. It makes me feel old but on the bright side I've upgraded offices. I now have an office with a window. Its actually a coincidence that I got this office at the time of my Microsoft anniversary but I like to pretend. I've had a single office for only four or five months now so its a nice surprise that I'm moving into a single window office so soon.

Hanging Pen HolderOf course this move means I'll be leaving some things behind. For instance the hanging dry erase pen holder that I created out of office supplies I will leave attached to my old white board. My new office has fancy whiteboards with trays built-in (sooo fancy) so I know the person coming into my old office will make better use of my hanging dry erase pen holder then I would. I explained to him that the rubber bands need to be replaced every eight months or so and not to exceed the maximum weight restrictions.

Diversity in NumbersAdditionally, the office art masterpiece I created I will also leave behind. When Bill Gates was featured on the cover of Diversity Inc. for his amazing philanthropic acts many of us got copies in our mailboxes. I collected mine and some from the recycling bins and put up five of the covers on the wall. Eventually others added to it which was my intent, but I only started this when I eventually checked my mailbox a week or so after the magazine arrived so there weren't as many covers left with which to work. At any rate I ended up with eleven on the wall. I'll leave the interpretation of the artwork up to the viewer.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft personal office nontechnical

Airport Security ftw! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2007 Jul 13, 12:53Photo of an airport display with a windows message popping up. Thread includes other such photos.PermalinkCommentsairport humor image flickr images photo photos windows

Office Remodel

2007 Jun 11, 4:20Venkat NameplateMy manager has come back this week from a 10 week vacation and paternity leave. In response and similar to other office hacks some dedicated coworkers and I decided to do something to my manager's office.

Venkat's New Office SpecWhile gone we knew my manager, Venkat, was getting into meditation. My coworker Vishu had the excellent idea of easing Venkat back into work by making his office better suited for meditation. To start with, we updated his nameplate with an Om.

Venkat's New and Improved OfficeNext we emptied his office of anything that could distract him from meditation and replaced it with a yoga mat. Of course I left a copy of the specification for the remodel in his office.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft personal office humor nontechnical
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