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Dark Knight and Mariners Baseball

2008 Aug 4, 8:39

The weekend before last I saw Dark Knight with some friends from work and then we all ate at Z'Tejas after. Like everyone has said and as the name implies Dark Knight is... dark. Dark Knight was a little over the top at times as compared to Batman Begins but I really enjoyed it. Two times during the movie I thought it had ended but I was wrong. The Joker is both frightening (Cringe inducing line "Wanna know how I got these scars?") and humorous ("Where is Harvey Dent? ... You know where Harvey is? You know who he is?", as well as the pencil magic trick). I can certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Batman Begins. The previews included Burn After Reading a new Coen Brother's comedy that I look forward to, and Quantum of Solace which hopefully does the same thing Dark Knight has, keep up the new direction on the refreshed franchise.

Safeco Field Suite photoThis past weekend Sarah and I went to a Mariners baseball game. I think this is the first MLB baseball game I've seen in person. Sarah's company gave out tickets for the game and the use of a suite. Its a room half way up the stadium with comfortable chairs, a mini-fridge built-in to the marble counter-topped center table, and a big flat screen television with the game on it. I suppose that's in case you don't want to turn to the right and sit at the window, or walk out onto the balcony which features three rows of comfy chairs overlooking the field. Anyway there was free food and drinks and I met some of the people Sarah works with.

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Update: Why is NBC Flagging Digital TV Programs - and Why is Microsoft Obeying It? | Electronic Frontier Foundation

2008 May 18, 12:15'...he was recording Raleigh's HDTV channel WNCN-DT1 on his Vista machine when a popup stating that "restrictions set by the broadcaster...prohibit recording of this program" appeared.'PermalinkCommentstv vista mce microsoft television video windows nbc via:boingboing

Kids in the Hall Live in Seattle

2008 May 17, 7:58

Sarah and I saw the Kids in the Hall "Live As We'll Ever Be" Tour in the WaMu theater in Seattle this past Thursday. I'd only ever seen their television show so it was cool to see them live. I thought that them being in a live format on stage would make the show significantly different, but other than having a bad seat and not being able to see very well, and the Kids sometimes ad-libbing or breaking character, it was like watching their show. It consisted of mostly new material with some returning characters like the Chicken Lady, Buddy Cole, the head crusher, etc. Their Facebook page has two videos that they played during the show.

I've been using the best Kids in the Hall fansite with an archive of searchable transcripts since high school. But now days what with all the new fangled video websites I can link right to some of my favorite sketches from the show. Like the Inexperienced Cannibal.

And the meta-sketch The Raise.

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Gin, Television, and Social Surplus - Here Comes Everybody

2008 Apr 28, 12:55Clay Shirky talks about the surplus of thought that TV occupies.PermalinkCommentsarticle clay-shirky culture internet tv technology collaboration community history

Tiger Team - Car Dealership

2007 Dec 26, 8:41So many things I shouldn't like: its on court tv, its a reality show, lame name, the website is entirely flash. But its like Sneakers the TV series so...PermalinkCommentstelevision tiger-team video free

How To Spot a Cylon - Propaganda Style Poster

2007 Dec 18, 11:18A poster with a checklist on spotting Cylons done in a 50's propaganda style.PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing bsg battlestar art design howto humor poster propaganda scifi television wishlist shopping

Daily Show Archives

2007 Oct 24, 10:14The Daily Show archive. I was looking for this too.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal dailyshow daily-show archive humor politics videogames videos tv television

Problems with Zenith P42W46X 42 in. EDTV Plasma Television

2007 Aug 18, 10:46Notes on problem shooting the TV including a scanned version of the manual.PermalinkCommentstv zenith purchase product reference

Analytics According to Captain Kirk

2007 Aug 17, 10:40Analytics applied to red shirt phenom.PermalinkCommentsvia:infosthetics humor statistics scifi startrek television visualization data analysis

BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC to open up archive for trial

2007 Apr 18, 11:22For a trial period the BBC will open its archive online for free. Hopefully this is the start of a trend otherwise in the future the only freely available content will be reruns of Absolutely Fabulous.PermalinkCommentsbbc television archive article ip

1337 Haxxors (Acceptable TV)

2007 Apr 1, 3:12Fake television show about hackers. Lots of 1337 humor.PermalinkCommentscode hackers humor video

Lampshade Hanging - Television Tropes & Idioms

2007 Jan 8, 1:40This site lists common tropes & idioms associated with television programs. If you want to be the Comic Book Guy all this is a good start.PermalinkCommentstv lampshade lampshade-hanging trope idiom

Hack Attack: Automatically download your favorite TV shows - Lifehacker

2006 Dec 20, 4:33How to setup Ted a program to automatically download torrents of TV shows.PermalinkCommentstv bittorrent howto torrent download television torrents article blog free p2p video tools tool ted

Telegraph | Entertainment | Farce that rose from the grave

2006 May 23, 11:49Individual fan purchases rights to television series in order to release it on DVD.PermalinkCommentstv cool news dvd rights
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