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How can I Make my Offline Life Easier?

2007 Apr 17, 8:04A list of simple things you can do to make life easier.PermalinkCommentsadvice howto tips

The secrets of a super-slim wallet at LifeClever ;-) Tips for Design and Life

2007 Apr 11, 5:23Tips on getting the size of your wallet down including pointers to smaller cool wallets you can buy.PermalinkCommentshowto shopping wallet via:incredulous

Command Not Found (Niath)

2007 Mar 21, 12:14This program will tell you how to install an application if you try to use one that it knows about and that you don't have installed.PermalinkCommentsbash blog opensource tool ubuntu article linux tips

BashFaq - Greg's Wiki

2007 Mar 19, 10:54Tutorials and examples for making scripts for the Unix shell Bash.PermalinkCommentshowto linux bash reference shell script tutorial programming tips

Shell Blog : Do things faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

2006 Nov 2, 6:23Helpful keyboard shortcuts for doing things in Vista's shell.PermalinkCommentsblog microsoft shell tips windows vista shortcuts keyboard | Vim tips: Working with external commands

2006 Oct 26, 10:31Using external commands in vim.PermalinkCommentsvim tips tutorial shell

Mike's C++ Tips

2006 Mar 21, 7:24PermalinkCommentsc++ blog mike mike-laiosa development stl software
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