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YouTube - Fallout New Vegas E3 2010 Official Trailer

2010 Aug 14, 3:29PermalinkCommentsvideo fallout fallout4 videogame avlater

Great Job, Internet!: Arrested Development as an action movie? Better than no AD movie at all... | Film | The A.V. Club Blog | The A.V. Club

2010 Jul 6, 2:10Parody Arrested Development movie trailer using clips from the show to look like an action film.
PermalinkCommentshumor video arrested-development movie parody

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" from Eric Appel, Aaron Paul, Olivia Wilde, Al Yankovic, Patton Oswalt, Paul Scheer, BRIAN HUSKEY, and christiansprenger - Video

2010 Mar 23, 12:02"Trailer for the upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic. This film is sure to sweep next year's Academy Awards."
PermalinkCommentshumor video weird-al parody trailer

Tron Legacy trailer

2010 Mar 9, 1:25PermalinkCommentstron movie video trailer disney

E309: New Super Mario Bros Wii, the trailer

2009 Jun 3, 3:40The New Super Mario Bros for the Wii looks cool. I always wanted the multiplayer featured here in the previous games.PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah mario wii nintendo video videogame

YouTube - Sherlock Holmes Trailer [HD] *NEW*

2009 May 20, 11:02The trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes, and Jude Law as Watson.PermalinkCommentssherlock-holmes movie trailer humor video youtube via:kottke

YouTube - Pulp Muppets

2008 Sep 11, 9:23"Pulp Fiction mash up trailer with the Muppets"PermalinkCommentshumor video muppet pulp-fiction trailer

Save Ferris - CollegeHumor video

2008 Aug 29, 3:00"What if Ferris Bueller really was sick?" Another of those alternate trailers for a movie portraying the film in a completely different light. This is very well done.PermalinkCommentshumor via:ethan_t_hein video satire remix parody trailer movie

philosecurity - Blog Archive - Guerilla Public Service

2008 Aug 11, 3:58Fellow kindly fixes spelling error on trailer mounted electronic roadway message signs. Pulls up, connects keyboard, reads password off the side of the enclosure, etc. "Not far from my house is one of those temporary trailer-mounted variable message signs, which for the past several weeks has been advising motorists that ..." I always wondered what it would take on those signs. And if all the passwords are four characters long...PermalinkCommentssecurity hack howto sign humor - Xbox 360 - E3 2008: Exclusive Dashboard Walkthrough HD

2008 Jul 16, 8:05"Not just an update, but an entire overhaul is planned for the Xbox 360 Dashboard, and we get an in-depth look at the new features."PermalinkCommentsgame video xbox xbox-360 videogame

Watch it! Flying Saucer Rock -n- Roll

2008 Jul 4, 8:18Trailer for Flying Saucer Rock-n-Roll.PermalinkCommentsmovie trailer eric-callero video

YouTube - Black20 Trailer Park: 300 - PG Version

2007 Apr 2, 10:55A 'PG' version of the trailer for the movie 300.PermalinkCommentshumor video trailer youtube movie 300

YouTube - Ghost in the shell- Matrix Parody

2006 Oct 26, 11:23Ghost in the Shell / Matrix TrailerPermalinkCommentsfor:jozhik movie trailer video ghost-in-the-shell gits matrix humor

YouTube - Alternate Shining Trailer

2006 Sep 25, 10:19An alternate trailer for the ShiningPermalinkCommentshumor video shining alternative-trailer movie
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