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How to fry an egg on an XP

2007 May 2, 4:16Person fries an egg using the heat from their computer.PermalinkCommentsarticle humor egg food howto tutorial cooking

Try ruby! (in your browser)

2007 Apr 17, 2:54Its a little ruby tutorial that runs in your browser.PermalinkCommentsruby programming tutorial ajax browser code howto interactive shell script

ikea hacker

2007 Mar 20, 5:59Projects people have produced using Ikea products.PermalinkCommentsblog cool design diy furniture hack tutorial ikea

Version Control with Subversion

2007 Mar 19, 11:23This is a free online book on using Subversion the version control system.PermalinkCommentsreference book subversion svn tutorial documentation free download howto

BashFaq - Greg's Wiki

2007 Mar 19, 10:54Tutorials and examples for making scripts for the Unix shell Bash.PermalinkCommentshowto linux bash reference shell script tutorial programming tips

How-To: Get TV shows off of Windows MCE and onto your iPod (with video) - Engadget

2007 Mar 1, 7:26Tutorial on getting TV shows that I've recorded with Windows Media Center Edition onto my iPod.PermalinkCommentsconvert howto ipod windows transcode tool free tutorial video

Creating a self-signed SSL certificate: Ubuntu

2007 Feb 7, 5:38A howto on creating a self-signed cert for your webpage on Ubuntu.PermalinkCommentslinux ssl ubuntu howto apache tutorial https certificate privacy encryption CA

Hack Attack: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router - Lifehacker

2006 Dec 20, 4:29How to update my router with cool new business and things. Why I would do this: increased signal strength.PermalinkCommentsrouter wireless hack howto linksys wifi diy article blog linux open-source tutorial

MailTo Syntax

2006 Dec 5, 1:00Examples of mailto URIs including the other often forgot parameters.PermalinkCommentsmailto email web tutorial example uri

The Hexic HD Marathon Scoring Guide By RFG Scorpion (version 2.0) (Xbox.com | Xbox Live Arcade)

2006 Nov 24, 1:09Guide to scoring well by excellent players of the Xbox Live Arcade game Hexic HD. I've just started playing this a few days ago. This is a neat strategy.PermalinkCommentshexic tutorial xbox xbox-live-arcade forum high-score

John Resig - Programming, Data, and Web Applications

2006 Nov 1, 5:43John has free libraries, utilities, and thoughts. Very Web2.0ish stuffPermalinkCommentsjohn-resig blog code programming monthly web internet javascript script ajax tutorial reference example

Linux.com | Vim tips: Working with external commands

2006 Oct 26, 10:31Using external commands in vim.PermalinkCommentsvim tips tutorial shell

How to Add a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page

2006 Sep 14, 2:52PermalinkCommentsfavicon howto msdn tutorial html webdesign icon web ie

CSS Overview

2006 Aug 21, 12:51PermalinkCommentscss tutorial reference internet webdesign read

Introduction - VSA Scripting in .NET - Developer Fusion, the UK developer community - VB, ASP, C#, .NET, PHP and XML tutorials & source code

2006 Aug 17, 10:01PermalinkCommentsscript .net csharp javascript vbscript programming

glish.com : CSS layout techniques

2006 Jul 24, 3:10Example CSS LayoutsPermalinkCommentscss development howto html reference web tutorial webdesign

Hardening Linux Web Servers

2006 Jun 30, 2:01PermalinkCommentslinux security howto server web apache internet tutorial

Guide: Downloading and converting Youtube videos.

2006 Apr 23, 8:05PermalinkCommentshack software tool tools tutorial video youtube convert

General Disarray » Blog Archive » Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know

2006 Apr 17, 11:34PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft word word-processing tutorial hints

TPCSv8 - Articles - The Cutest Human-Test: KittenAuth

2006 Apr 10, 1:35PermalinkCommentsblog development internet password security tools tutorial software captcha spam authentication cool humor cute
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