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Hatetris: the meanest Tetris clone you've ever played - Boing Boing

2010 Apr 25, 3:29Tetris game that picks the worst piece it can to give you.PermalinkCommentstetris videogame game web browser

Oh You Know - Comixed

2010 Mar 9, 5:24Classic I'm a PC, I'm a Mac rip-off.
PermalinkCommentshumor comic mac game videogame apple microsoft remix

Portal 2 is official, first image inside

2010 Mar 5, 6:07PermalinkCommentsportal game videogame

Brawl in the Family » Archive » 221 – Dr. Wily’s Blueprints

2010 Mar 3, 2:55Dr. Wily's thinking behind one of his Mega Man levels documented here...PermalinkCommentshumor comic game videogame mega-man dr-wily

Concept Art From The Legend Of Zelda - Nintendo - Kotaku

2010 Jan 29, 10:01PermalinkCommentsart game videogame nintendo zelda map design history

Tetris Guideline - Tetris Wiki

2010 Jan 20, 8:56I had no idea of the amount of variation: "The Tetris Guideline is the current specification that The Tetris Company enforces for making all new (2001 and later) Tetris game products alike in form." Covers things like piece color, vocabulary, speeds, rotation system etc etc etc. I'll be adopting some of this in Polytope Tetris...PermalinkCommentstetris wiki reference game videogame

YouTube - Paper Mario Bros. 3 - A Stop Motion Animation (HQ)

2010 Jan 20, 5:19Stop motion animation in paper of Mario Bros. 3.PermalinkCommentsmario video videogame nintendo youtube animation paper stopmotion

GameSetWatch - Special: The Best Of The 2009 Demoscene, Part 1 - Demos

2010 Jan 19, 2:21"In the latest of an occasional series of demoscene-related posts on GameSetWatch before, AteBit's Paul 'EvilPaul' Grenfell presents a multi-part retrospective on 2009's best demos - starting out with the top ten real-time PC demos of the year."
PermalinkCommentsdemo demoscene graphic game videogame video programming

First-Person Tetris

2010 Jan 14, 2:51Its Tetris on the Nintendo (sort of) from the perspective of the piece (sort of).PermalinkCommentshumor tetris game videogame nintendo flash

The Boing Boing Guide to the 2010 Indie Games Festival Boing Boing

2010 Jan 6, 2:24This time its BoingBoing's list of 2010 indie games.PermalinkCommentsgame videogame

The Independent Gaming Source

2010 Jan 4, 2:22"A metric ton of fantastical and diverse games came out in 2009. Here are 20 of them"PermalinkCommentsgame videogame list

YouTube - Automatic Mario~Don't Stop Me Now~【自動マリオシーケンサ×Queen】

2009 Nov 29, 1:43Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" accompanied by 4 games of a hacked Super Mario World level. The matching of the background images between the four plays is what gets me.PermalinkCommentshumor videogame video youtube mario queen music dont-stop-me-now via:waxy

The Expurgation of Maniac Mansion

2009 Oct 30, 10:41All the stuff Nintendo forces developers to take out of the Nintendo Maniac Mansion port. I had read this before and didn't connect after watching Douglas Crockford's JavaScript talk that this was the same guy.PermalinkCommentsdouglas-crockford game videogame nintendo censorship pc history geek

Zork rock anthem - Boing Boing

2009 Sep 29, 10:26Zork walkthrough as song works pretty well actually.PermalinkCommentsmusic mp3 free zork if interactive-fiction game videogame

ASCIIpOrtal | Cymons Games

2009 Sep 23, 3:13ASCIIpOrtal is now released!PermalinkCommentsascii text game videogame humor portal valve free via:waxy

YouTube - (RELEASE) Half-Life2: All sounds replaced with my voice

2009 Sep 18, 1:54A HL2 mod in which guy replaces all game sound effects with his voice...PermalinkCommentsvideo humor halflife hl2 videogame game via:waxy

Javascript Nintendo emulator

2009 Sep 17, 11:12This Javascript Nintendo emulator works amazingly well in Google Chrome. You can play Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, The Legend of Zelda, etc.PermalinkCommentsbrowser javascript nintendo nes game videogame google tetris emulator

SPLITREASON.COM :: Busters Advantage t-shirt

2009 Sep 2, 4:44Humorous Nintendo/Ghostbusters t-shirt.
PermalinkCommentshumor videogame nintendo ghostbusters shirt

Tetris: the "OTHER" russia | 8bc - Online Chiptune Media Sharing

2009 Aug 19, 10:39If I had a Tetris game I bet I'd like to use this music!PermalinkCommentsmusic tetris videogame 8bit

Love this laughter: Sony's sublime emotion-detecting patent illustration | Offworld

2009 Aug 19, 8:06"I can conceive of no reality in which the designer behind Fig. 2 of Sony's newly patented emotion-detecting system didn't understand what he'd just created, especially as they perfectly distilled What TV Comedy Looks Like."
PermalinkCommentshumor tv ps3 patent design videogame
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