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Terminal Services Team Blog : Multi Monitor support in the Vista TS Client.

2007 Sep 28, 11:24How to get mstsc to span multiple monitors -- sort of. Actually this kind of sucks. It just makes my TS session the size of a rectangle that would include all of my client side monitors.PermalinkCommentsdesktop remote mstsc tools tool tips windows microsoft blog article howto vista

CSSVista: Live CSS editing with Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously

2007 Jun 20, 1:05A tool that lets you edit HTML & CSS in realtime with views rendered in IE and Firefox side by side.PermalinkCommentsbrowser ie ie7 firefox mozilla css debug html free software download tool tools web

Switcher for Windows Vista

2007 Jun 14, 11:01Switcher is like Expose for Vista.PermalinkCommentsexpose windows microsoft vista tool software download free desktop

WebWorld of J.P: Project - CatCamera using VistaQuest VQ1005

2007 Jun 3, 11:31Attaches digital camera to cat and creates photo journey.PermalinkCommentsart camera cat hack diy images humor photography photos electronics

MoHo Living

2007 May 13, 12:16My parents and grandmother came to visit the weekend before this current weekend, starting Friday May 4th. They arrived via their new motor-home which is quite the machine. Of course its my parents motor-home so its very well decorated inside including drapes and mini-chandelier. I didn't have a memory card for my camera at the time but I'm sure my parents will put up photos on their new blog dedicated to their motor-home at some point in the future.

At any rate, they parked the motor-home in an RV park in Issaquah so that Friday night I drove over to them and we ate at the conveniently closely located Pogachas. The next day they came over and I showed them the various cool looking things my computer connected to my flat screen TV can do. This includes Vista Media Center showing my photos from recent trips and Google Earth mapping out our respective homes and my recent trips (and Paris). Additionally, we played Wii which, unsurprisingly based on anecdotal evidence from varied sources across the Internet, was a seeming hit. Mom broke records playing bowling with my dad and I, Dad did an excellent job fishing, and Grandma's slow but steady win's the race approach to cow racing worked very well.

The next day I drove them to Seattle and we walked around Pike's Place. My parents made dinner that night at my place which was very good and made my apartment actually smell like cooked food. Also, we exchanged Christmas gifts. For the past two years I've flown back to my parents' house for Christmas and ended up with gifts I couldn't take with me in both directions. Those I left at their house they drove up and I was able to give them the ones I left at my place. They started the drive back the next day. I really enjoyed seeing them here.PermalinkCommentsmotorhome family personal nontechnical

vLite - Windows Vista configuration tool

2007 Mar 12, 5:21vLite lets you create custom installs of Vista on a DVD. It lets you remove system components and drivers.PermalinkCommentsvista windows tools howto iso boot dvd free install

Mac OSX Expose Clone for Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

2007 Feb 12, 10:47Tool to do OSX's Expose feature on Vista.PermalinkCommentsgui tool free windows vista expose software hack download

Enable Hidden BootScreen in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

2007 Feb 12, 10:44Use the prettier aurora boot screen when booting VistaPermalinkCommentshowto microsoft vista windows boot bootscreen images article blog

Jason S: Make any Screensaver as your desktop Wallpaper

2006 Dec 11, 4:29How to run Vista screensavers as your background. Pretty nifty.PermalinkCommentswindows microsoft vista screensaver background desktop

UniveRSS - a 3D Vista RSS reader

2006 Dec 4, 1:27A 3D RSS reader built on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) free from Microsoft.PermalinkCommentsrss tools windows vista wpf 3d ie7 microsoft free

Shell Blog : Do things faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

2006 Nov 2, 6:23Helpful keyboard shortcuts for doing things in Vista's shell.PermalinkCommentsblog microsoft shell tips windows vista shortcuts keyboard

RSS API Overview (MSDN)

2006 Aug 23, 2:34This is the MSDN docs on the new RSS API Platform in IE7 and VistaPermalinkCommentsrss ie7 ie programming msdn microsoft reference


2005 Mar 27, 6:20Search security related informationPermalinkCommentssearch security
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