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Choose Your Own Adventure – Most Likely You’ll Die | FlowingData

2009 Aug 11, 5:21"Michael Niggel took a look at Journey Under the Sea, and mapped out all possible paths. It turns out that death and unfavorable endings are in fact much more likely than the rest."PermalinkCommentsvisualization via:ethan_t_hein literature fiction if interactive flowchart infographics chooseyourownadventure

How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic -

2009 Aug 3, 8:30"The American Time Use Survey asks thousands of American residents to recall every minute of a day." I enjoy the graph animation when switching between different groups.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman graph visualization information graphic nytimes infographics demographics statistics

fontplore // an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases

2009 Jul 31, 6:09An interactive touchable table to help you browse and select fonts.PermalinkCommentsart visualization design font typography surface table touchscreen video

yahoo! vs. google: synerge

2009 Jul 20, 5:25Search results comparison tool with a neato visualization of overlapping results.PermalinkCommentsgoogle yahoo search tool visualization mashup flash web technical

very small array

2009 Jul 12, 3:16Blog of various entertaining graphs and visualizations. Lovely site design too.PermalinkCommentshumor blog art visualization graph statistics information chart design

308 - The Pop Vs Soda Map - Strange Maps

2009 May 31, 8:29"When on a hot summer's day you buy a carbonated beverage to quench your thirst, how do you order it? Do you ask for a soda, a pop or something else? That question lay at the basis of an article in the Journal of English Linguistics (Soda or Pop?, #24, 1996) and of a map, showing the regional variation in American English of the names given to that type of drink."PermalinkCommentsmap language visualization statistics english culture soda coke for:hellosarah

Presentation - Integrating Web Innovations into Museums - "Going Analog"

2009 May 3, 4:36Besides being an interesting presentation with real world examples off Web ideas applied to museums, the presentation itself (although its all icky flash) is lovely.PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb museum flash presentation visualization

stamen design | big ideas worth pursuing

2009 Apr 23, 4:46Some lovely data visualizations. Is their Crimespotting visualization supposed to look like the map interface from GTA3SA? "Since 2001, Stamen has developed a reputation for beautiful and technologically sophisticated projects in a diverse range of commercial and cultural settings."PermalinkCommentsblog web art visualization information interactive interface portfolio mashup

s i x t h s e n s e - a wearable gestural interface (MIT Media Lab)

2009 Apr 3, 11:40"'SixthSense' is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information." The page is a lot easier to read with styling turned off. Actually, skip the text just watch the TED video.PermalinkCommentsvisualization design research mit hci mobile interactive ted

Information Decoration

2009 Mar 25, 4:03"...we can look at the contemporary screen virus as a transitional phase - a growing pain, if you will, of the information age. Tiling our environment with screens is an extremely literal, and on top of that rather unimaginative, way to introduce virtuality into the physical world: simply piling it on where seamless integration was what was wanted."PermalinkCommentsvia:infosthetics visualization information architecture culture design art

Spectrum Atlas

2009 Mar 25, 3:49A flashy Flash 3d chart of the electromagnetic spectrum. Pretty.PermalinkCommentsart visualization science radio sound 3d design electromagnetic flash

Anitmaion Spotlight: The Little Red Riding Hood Meets Royksopp | Brain Pickings

2009 Mar 22, 11:40"We're going short and sweet today, with this brilliant interpretation of The Little Red Riding Hood, inspired by Royksopp's Remind Me."PermalinkCommentshumor visualization animation video graphic design royksopp

Chart Porn: Create Your Own Original Star Trek Story

2009 Feb 10, 9:30A flowchart to help you create a Star Trek (TOS) episode.PermalinkCommentshumor howto scifi startrek television chart visualization tv flowchart

Visualisation Magazine vol1

2009 Jan 29, 1:57A magazine in flash with various visualizations from around the web.PermalinkCommentsvia:infosthetics visualization art graphic magazine web

Dopplr Blog - Blog Archive - Dopplr presents the Personal Annual Report 2008: freshly generated for you, and Barack Obama…

2009 Jan 15, 4:57Lovely travel visualization: "We've generated what we call the Personal Annual Report for all our users. It's a unique-to-you PDF of data, visualisations and factoids about your travel in 2008, that we're delivering over the next week via email to every Dopplr user who travelled in 2008. To give you an example, we thought we'd show you the Personal Annual Report of someone who's had a very busy 2008 - President Elect Barack Obama."PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb visualization blog dopplr obama travel statistics map

Instaviz: Graph Sketching for your iPhone

2009 Jan 15, 8:00Cool application that turns your sketches into graphs. I wonder if this can ever come to my phone? "Sketch a rough shape with your finger and Instaviz transforms what you drew in a split second. Sketch a link between two shapes and Instaviz quickly redraws the graph with the best layout."PermalinkCommentsgraph visualization iphone graphviz phone software application development

Packagetrackr - Package Tracking Service - UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and more

2008 Dec 30, 1:40Packagetrackr is like the isnoop tool but with IE8 integration. Its universal tracking across UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc., shows progress on a map, has RSS feed you can subscribe to telling you about the package's progress, and also added support for IE8's accelerator and webclips. Snazzy. Still want georss markup in the feed though.PermalinkCommentsgeo google map ups visualization mashup rss package shipping feed tool fedex usps tracker track accelerator webclip

YouTube - Hans Rosling: No more boring data: TEDTalks

2008 Dec 22, 11:05Hans Rosling gives a great presenttation on world health and economy and statistics visualization.PermalinkCommentsvideo ted statistics economics visualization youtube via:swannman


2008 Nov 23, 9:34The folks who made the awesome inforgraphic music video for Royksopp's 'Remind Me' has it as well as a bunch of their other videos on the site.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman visualization music video music-video art advertising design animation france is a community google map mashup mapping street art the world over.

2008 Nov 18, 12:21Not much in Seattle.PermalinkCommentsart visualization google map graffiti cultural-disobediance streetart mashup urban
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