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Java Bluetooth.com - Development Kits

2007 May 11, 1:44Comparisons of features and prices of Java bluetooth libraries.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth java library download programming research:wii-remote

Customer Reviews Of Aluratek ABD2020 Bluetooth Wireless 2.0 EDR USB Adapter - Retail

2007 May 11, 1:11Review of a USB Bluetooth adapter. Several reviews claim that it works with Wii remote.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth hardware purchase shopping usb review research:wii-remote

aveLink: Bluetooth Software Download

2007 May 11, 12:58Download Java bluetooth stacksPermalinkCommentsjava bluetooth download stack research:wii-remote

Part II: The Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology

2007 May 11, 12:51Tutorial on programming Java apps using bluetooth.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth java sun development reference tutorial article research:wii-remote

Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth

2007 May 11, 12:38Sun's introduction to bluetooth.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth tutorial article development sun research:wii-remote

jUSB: Java USB 

2007 May 11, 12:17Java API for using USB devices. May be possible to use JavaBluetooth with USB Bluetooth dongle if also using jUSB.PermalinkCommentsjava library api usb research:wii-remote


2007 May 11, 12:02Java API for communicating with bluetooth devices.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth java code library programming research:wii-remote

Index of /WiiRemoteJ

2007 May 10, 11:59Java library for using the Wii remote.PermalinkCommentsjava library wii wiimote remote programming code bluetooth research:wii-remote


2007 Apr 21, 11:38This previous Wednesday, I went to trivia at the Wilde Rover. Our team consisted of Sarah, myself, Jane, Eric, Rachel, and Ansen. Before the last round we were 16th (out of ~32) but after the final round we were 6th! The previous time Sarah played there the exact same thing happened. Of course you must be in the top five to win money (or last place who gets their money back). You could say, of those who didn't get any money we did the best! I didn't contribute too much except for spotting a street from Paris in the picture round and knowing which generation the Wii is of Nintendo home consoles. Mostly I focused on increasing our bill =)PermalinkCommentsbar game personal trivia nontechnical

Bunny Weekend

2007 Apr 8, 3:46This weekend was fun. Sarah and I went out for Jane's Birthday. We ate at a little Italian restaurant where our group was almost too large for the place and afterwards went to the Viceroy lounge. The website apparently isn't very representative because although I looked at it before going out and I'd been to the place previously, I didn't realize it was the same location until we got there.

I got several games for my Wii through Sarah's connections including Wii Play and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. We played both of them and I thought Find Mii was especially fun.

Sarah's bunny is getting pretty big. Its been biting through wires now includig part way through the power cord to the cable box. You'd think after getting to the copper that it would learn to stop. At any rate, it didn't hide any eggs. I don't have any new photos but you can see the old bunny photos via my Vizicious tool.PermalinkCommentspersonal nontechnical seatle wii

BattleBricks: WiigoBot, The Perfect Game

2007 Mar 30, 1:05Video of a Lego robot that bowls a perfect game in Wii bowling.PermalinkCommentswii robot robots bowling humor game nintendo lego video

GameDrift - Technology and Gaming Combined - Articles - 22 Month Old Baby Rocks at Wii Sports

2007 Mar 22, 12:24A 22 month old child plays Wii Tennis pretty well.PermalinkCommentswii video nintendo games humor baby


2007 Jan 29, 3:58Hook an industrial robotic arm up to the Wii remote. Watch as these guys play tennis (sort of) and wield a sword (scary). I for one welcome our new sword-wielding robot arm overlords.PermalinkCommentswii robot robotics robots hack video nintendo humor
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