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YouTube - Tiger Woods 09 - Walk on Water

2008 Aug 22, 1:25This is the best its-not-a-bug-its-a-feature ever: "As a response to a fan video from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08, Tiger Woods and EA SPORTS demonstrate that the "glitch" Levinator25 thought he found in the game, is not a glitch at all."PermalinkCommentstiger-woods golf video videogame jesus humor

Torontoist: Humber; Or, Life in the Woods

2008 May 2, 1:39'...a more cryptic stencil has appeared on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, boldly proclaiming "ISBN 486-28495-6" for all to see and ponder. This International Standard Book Number turns out to be a paperback edition of Henry David Thoreau's Walden; Or, Life iPermalinkCommentsgraffiti streetart isbn library photo

California Trip

2007 Dec 23, 11:18Other Jelly FishSarah and I went down to California at the end of last month for a Thanksgiving visit with my parents. We visited the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium (fun fact: the aquarium scenes in Star Trek IV were filmed here) and saw many jelly fish. We wandered around Capitola where we visited many local shops and ate on the wharf. We shopped in Carmel and ate at the Forge in the Forest (fun fact: Clint Eastwood was the mayor of this city in the late 80s). We visited the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which was very cold and closed.
Silly Party HatsMy parents took us out to dinner on the first night and the rest of the nights we ate dinner at their house. They had the Shelton's over and I got to see Chris and Alison. It was fun to talk with them and catch up since its been quite a while since I'd seen them.
Beach House LivingroomWe stayed in the lovely beach house of our family friend's the Goodwins. My parents have been helping them fix it up and decorate it and it looks great. It was quite a treat staying in a house right on the ocean. Also of note, this was the first trip on which I was old enough to rent the car and accordingly I did all of the driving. This trip was very fun and relaxing.PermalinkCommentsaquarium friends parents personal beach california vacation

SHUT THE BOX | Classic sailors' dice game in wooden chest with wine bottle storage | UncommonGoods

2007 Dec 23, 1:59PermalinkCommentsgames gift shopping wine box

Zoo Trip

2007 Jun 7, 4:35TigerA few weekends ago Sarah and I visited the Woodland Park Zoo (Finding its website I'm amazed that its domain is 'zoo.org'. Somebody in Seattle was quick on the domain registration.) I liked the zoo except for all the children. Human children... As visitors to the zoo... What did you think I meant? The kids are everywhere! Shouldn't they be inside playing video games or something?

Gorilla HomelessThere was a gorilla that was wrapped in a dirty blanket. It looked like a homeless person and very sad. I'm reminded of the episode of the Simpsons in which the octuplets work at the zoo and the scene in which while Homer is breaking out the children a gorilla tries to get him to take her child too. Looking for a clip of this to post here I can only find clips from the Simpsons in German for some reason. Like this one.

HipposTwo thirds or so of the way through my camera started running low on power. We were forced to choose which animals were camera worthy. Is it too common? Is it cute enough? Etc. Sarah took a very nice shot of some hippos under these conditions. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good angle and view of the Elephants. But they were cool and had an interesting habitat (that's zoo for large-ish cage.)PermalinkCommentszoo personal nontechnical

Jeff Atwood : Stopping real, physical mail Spam

2007 Mar 30, 3:28Commentary and steps to reducing junk mail.PermalinkCommentsmail article blog jeff-atwood spam junk howto
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