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Personal Search with Yahoo Pipes

2008 Feb 3, 11:59

I've setup a minimal search page that uses a Yahoo Pipe to sort of search through my content. I say sort of search because I only get full text search over my recent item feeds and otherwise I just search over my tags.

To get real search I'm going to have to keep an archive of all my content on my own website. This is a pain but on the other hand it will let me easily backup my content or display old items on my page. Why didn't I just use a prebuilt solution?

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Pipes: Search Dave's Feeds

2008 Feb 2, 11:19A Yahoo Pipes pipe that searches through my feeds.PermalinkCommentsfeed yahoo me search

Old Miscellaneous Thoughts

2007 Dec 26, 5:45PermalinkCommentspopfly apple personal history-channel indiana-jones pipes mac technical microsoft mashup yahoo nontechnical

flickrvision (beta)

2007 Oct 30, 12:09Map of photos uploaded to flickr.PermalinkCommentsajax map yahoo visualization flickr photo photos

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

2007 Apr 15, 7:37Friday Jon, Daniil, and I saw Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. It was really great. The quality of individual Aqua Teen episodes varies wildly but this movie was very funny. It was like watching an excellent episode that happened to be 87 minutes long.

I had some difficulty generating interest for the movie as many didn't think this was 'their kind of movie'. I asked Sarah and she said no but I talked to her about it again later after she watched a clip and she said she really didn't want to see it because it looked too weird. I asked her what she saw in the clip and she said a man with weird pants was talking with french fries while a drink was getting a meatball to push him around in a cart.

Well, when you put it like that it does sound weird...PermalinkCommentsmovie personal nontechnical

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO ยป Review: Yahoo pipes

2007 Feb 8, 3:22Don't you hate it when someone implements your idea before you?PermalinkCommentsyahoo rss pipes feed review article

2006 Dec 4, 6:15My profile on del.icio.usPermalinkCommentsyahoo delicious profile me bookmark

Flickr: sequelguy

2006 Dec 4, 6:14My profile on FlickrPermalinkCommentsyahoo flickr photos profile me

Penny Arcade - Can You Tell Me How To Get

2005 Apr 3, 5:33Yahoo Maps gives questionable directionsPermalinkCommentshumor comic penny-arcade
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