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Public Domain Day

2010 Jan 6, 3:41Public Domain Day sounds neat. Not just celebrating the public domain but celebrating new works now available in the public domain every Jan 1st. But we'll have to wait at least nine years to celebrate in the US. We need to get the copyright lifetime to match up with retro things regaining popularity -- like when big band music was briefly popular again.PermalinkCommentscopyright ip public-domain law legal

Printing police handcuff keys … « blackbag

2009 Sep 16, 4:48"German SSDeV member Ray is known all around the world for his impressive collection of handcuffs and his fun ways of opening most of them. ... At HAR he pulled another stunt: He used a 3D printer to print handcuff keys. And not just any ordinary handcuff key … no, it’s the official handcuff key from the Dutch police!" Plus at the bottom a story on the legality of possessing handcuff keys.PermalinkCommentslegal security printer 3d key handcuff police

Serving and Protecting Fonts on the Web « The Typekit Blog

2009 Sep 10, 6:26Typekit's protections for their hosted fonts include referer header checking, and various obfuscations: "Our intent is only to discourage casual misuse and to make it clear that taking fonts from Typekit is an explicit and intentional act."PermalinkCommentsvia:kottke font typekit internet web security legal technical

Recap Firefox Extension | "turning PACER around"

2009 Aug 14, 3:55The government program PACER is an online archive of court records and even though the documents are public domain, PACER charges access to them ostensibly to pay for PACER. This plugin uses the Internet Archive as a kind of free intermediate cache, rewriting the PACER HTML to reference the free Internet Archive versions of the documents when available and uploading PACER documents to the IA cache when you download one it doesn't yet have.PermalinkCommentsvia:waxy firefox government politics research reference legal law plugin technical

Current Berkman People and Projects

2009 Jul 20, 5:06Berkman Center aggregate blog of its members and activies.PermalinkCommentsberkman harvard legal blog feed technical

Apple Admits British Man Invented iPod in 1979, Uses Him to Win Patent Lawsuit - Apple - Gizmodo

2009 Jul 16, 3:28"I was up a ladder painting when I got the call from a lady with an American accent from Apple saying she was the head of legal affairs and that they wanted to acknowledge the work that I had done"
PermalinkCommentshumor history music apple legal patent ipod ip

Hulu, a Victim of Its Own Success? | Epicenter

2009 May 12, 2:32If Hulu removes programming or Netflix doesn't make something available to watch instantly, its a safe bet it wasn't their idea to make their service worse. '"Whose retarded idea was that?" Well, not Hulu's. The move was taken at the network's request. Powerful forces are working against free, legal online TV - and the decision to pull Sunny may have made that show the canary in the server farm.'PermalinkCommentshulu business wired tv web internet :: a project of Stay Free! magazine

2009 Apr 22, 10:00Including music that's been otherwise sued out of existence.PermalinkCommentsvideo art politics copyright mp3 ip images law media

Justin Frankel's blog

2009 Mar 10, 9:22PermalinkCommentsgraffiti cultural-disobediance legal san-francisco nullsoft justin-frankel blog

Meteorology Law of the People's Republic of China --

2009 Feb 4, 4:16From Sorting it all Out wrt the weather gadget in Vista's sidebar, this link to China's laws on weather forecast: "Article 22 The State applies a unified system for the issue of public meteorological forecast and severe weather warning... No other organizations or individuals may issue to the community such forecast or warning." "Article 25 When the media, including radio, television, newspaper and telecommunication, issue to the community public meteorological forecast or severe weather warning, they shall use the latest meteorological information provided by a meteorological office... Part of the revenues from the distribution of meteorological information shall be drawn to support the development of meteorological service." Whether an application is legally allowed to provide a weather forecast is not an attribute I would have imagined necessary for a localization API.PermalinkCommentsvia:michael-kaplan china law legal politics weather forecast localization

Sarah Palin's Hacked Yahoo Email Account Timeline

2008 Sep 18, 10:05Sarah Palin's Yahoo email addresses were hacked. I agree with the commenter: "I was just about to post how I feel bad for her despite disagreeing with most of her politics. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to attack her (or any politician), but this is clearly personal, not politics. From what I've read, this wasn't even the account she used for those communications she wanted to hide from subpoena, so the vigilante justice angle is BS. This is just plain mean." Although the last sentence of the following made me laugh: "A good samaritan in the /b/ thread reset the password account with the intention of handing it over to Palin, a process known on /b/ as "white knighting". This locked everyone else out of the account. The "white knight" posted a screenshot to /b/ of his pending message to one of Palin's contacts about how to recover the account, but made the critical mistake of not blanking out the new password he set."PermalinkCommentssecurity politics hack privacy government legal email yahoo

How renters work the system to live for free in one of America's most expensive cities - News - SF Weeklypage 4 - SF Weekly

2008 Aug 18, 3:46Legal corner case bugs exploited for free rent in SF. "Getzow is getting pretty well known along the Polk Street corridor. Unlike other serial evictees, who move among different neighborhoods, all of his eight evictions in San Francisco have occurred in a 20-block area known as Lower Nob Hill."PermalinkCommentsarticle legal rent house eviction san-francisco

Early Creative Commons history, my version (Lessig Blog)

2008 Aug 14, 2:23Lawrence Lessig's video presentation on history of Creative Commons.PermalinkCommentslawrence-lessig lessig video legal law cc history copyright

BBC NEWS | UK | Payout for false Facebook profile

2008 Jul 24, 7:26Fake Facebook page considered libel and gets target big pounds: "Mathew Firsht was awarded 22,000 pounds in damages against an old school friend". Careful what you post...PermalinkCommentsfacebook identity law legal privacy libel

The Google Maps Prius Hybrid Car Gets a Ticket : TreeHugger

2008 Jun 17, 12:27"... you can see that even the mighty Google is not immune to getting tickets." Google steet view photo car talking with police officer. Were they speeding? =)PermalinkCommentsgoogle humor photo map legal ticket cop prius hybrid via:boingboing

Tracking the Trackers

2008 Jun 10, 4:52"...we were able to generate hundreds of real DMCA takedown notices for ... nonsense devices including several printers and a (non-NAT) wireless access point."PermalinkCommentssecurity bittorrent copyright dmca legal mpaa piracy printer research riaa washington

Bar Requests 10 Year Disbarment for Jack Thompson | Game | Life from

2008 Jun 6, 2:41"After finding him responsible for 27 separate instances of professional misconduct, the Florida Bar has requested that controversial Miami attorney and anti-gaming activist Jack Thompson be disbarred for 10 years, reports GamePolitics."PermalinkCommentsgame news wired jack-thompson justice finally awesome legal law

Mao (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2008 Jun 2, 12:57A card game where 'new players are often told only "the only rule you may be told is this one."'. '...the game being a parody of life in the People's Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution, where the laws changed secretly..."PermalinkCommentscard history politics game legal parody - Saturday Night Live - Old Glory Insurance

2008 May 5, 1:45Old Glory Robot Insurance. Now the video straight and legal from NBC. "And now, Sam Waterston for Old Glory Insurance."PermalinkCommentssnl humor video robot robots insurance

Howstuffworks "How Cell-phone Jammers Work"

2008 Apr 22, 4:21FTA: 'In the United States, cell-phone jamming is covered under the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits people from "willfully or maliciously interfering with the radio communications of any station licensed or authorized" to operate. In fact, thePermalinkCommentslegal cellphone cellphone-jammer
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