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YouTube - Seattle Pillow Fight 2008 in Pike Place Market

2008 Apr 2, 6:29A pillow fight in Pike Place Market. "A group of web-connected friends converge at a specified location in the city and at a designated time produce previously concealed pillows and begin an awesome fight."PermalinkCommentsflash-mob seattle washington pike-place-market pillow pillow-fight youtube video humor social via:swannman

Protest Culture -- Ad Hoc vs Institutional, and What it Means (Event Video/Audio) | Berkman Center

2008 Mar 31, 3:43Clay Shirky talks to a very small audience. Starts with more examples like prev. video. @20:30 describes interesting problems he hasn't resolved. @31:04 interesting exchange between listeners and Clay.PermalinkCommentsvideo cooperation social web politics law internet culture collaboration community

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations (Event Video/Audio) | Berkman Center

2008 Mar 31, 2:33Clay Shirky gives a talk about how the Internet changes everything via organization and collaboration.PermalinkCommentsvideo book clay-shirky via:librarythingblog social talk research internet

NFT - Not For Tourists - Seattle - City Guidebooks, Maps, Urban Neighborhoods, Travel

2008 Mar 31, 2:31Social local's guide to various areas including Seattle.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman guide seattle food social

MegaPhone | Making Digital Signage Interactive | Media

2008 Mar 7, 10:03More videos and photos of megaphone in action. Neat idea.PermalinkCommentsmegaphone video videos videogames game games social

YouTube - Urban Screens 07: Megaphone

2008 Mar 7, 10:03Big screens in public places host video games you call in and control with your cell phone: "Jury Hahn and Dan Albritton talk about their creation Megaphone - an interactive software that allows users to control Big Screen game elements with their mobilePermalinkCommentsvideo youtube megaphone software social games game videogames

Pages tagged with "wtf" on

2008 Feb 27, 2:39Title says it all. The ratio of interesting stuff to not is pretty good.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein humor delicious links social tag tagging wtf


2008 Feb 18, 6:02FTA: "PicoCool is dedicated to bringing you tiny bytes and obscure content from the world of peer media, social networks and subcultures. Cool content from real people."PermalinkCommentsblog design culture art emily-chang monthly

Canonical Node Representation - Social Graph API - Google Code

2008 Feb 8, 3:26Google's Social Graph API's normalization method. This is no way to treat a URI...PermalinkCommentsuri google api normalize social social-graph graph reference

My Stuff - Swivel

2008 Jan 3, 12:29This is me on Swivel a site like Many Eyes that does social data table and data table visualization sharing.PermalinkCommentsproldfile me data database visualization social

Theme Options

2007 Dec 24, 12:41These days it seems like there's a social sharing website for everything representable as bits. Like Scribd for (mostly legal) documents, SciVee for scientific research videos, Wordie for words, and Kuler for color themes. Kuler seems like a ridiculous website (overkill) but I had been meaning to update my homepage's color design and Kuler has an RSS based REST API. The API lets you obtain things like the most recently added color themes or the most popular or all themes containing the color dark red, etc... So of course rather than update my website's design I hooked up my css to the color themes coming out of Kuler. Select my main page's color theme from a list of random Kuler themes. As I'm sure the regular readers can guess I use an xslt and blah blah blah... It looks OK with Silver Surfer and Happy Hipo but in general changing the colors this way doesn't produce something pretty.

When reading about Kuler I found that they may have stolen the whole idea wholeslae from ColourLovers. They discuss the thievery in an article on their blog. I would have switched over to ColourLovers out of principle but they don't have an easily accessible API.PermalinkCommentscolourlovers color xslt theme homepage technical kuler design

For the Record: Adobe Kuler vs COLOURlovers

2007 Dec 19, 11:06Article about striking similarities between COLOURlovers and Adobe's Kuler.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog color design web social kuler colourlovers


2007 Dec 19, 10:37Social website for sharing color schemes... Useful?PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman design color webdesign web generator gallery social

OpenAerialMap Is Ready For Your Data

2007 Dec 7, 9:45FTA: "OpenAerialMap is a site for collecting, hosting, and mapping freely available aerial imagery. "PermalinkCommentsaerial geo map opensource photography social data via:felix42's User Card Service

2007 Nov 19, 4:15Replace the zunetag parameter in the URI with the desired Zune username to find the user's Zune social data such as Favorites, Recent Tracks, etc.PermalinkCommentszune microsoft xml

Zune Software Update

2007 Nov 19, 3:47PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft technical music zune social

LibraryThing: A Social Cataloging Web Site Webcast (Library of Congress)

2007 Nov 15, 4:12Tim Spalding founder of LibraryThing gives a talk to the Library of Congress folks about his website LibraryThing. Focus on tagging vs taxonomy. Some humorous things in the talk as well.PermalinkCommentslibrary-of-congress library librarything books tagging video ontology tim-spalding taxonomy

SMBlog -- 12 November 2007

2007 Nov 14, 2:56News on recent privacy related matters with social websites and Donald Kerr's redefinition of privacy. Lots of good links.PermalinkCommentsprivacy anonymity blog post article government politics donald-kerr steven-bellovin

The Nerd Handbook

2007 Nov 12, 1:48A guide to the why of various nerdy behavior. I find some of this applicable to me.PermalinkCommentsnerd humor article tips social howto via:swannman

TED: Ideas worth spreading

2007 Nov 6, 2:46Video of TED lectures. TED is (from Wikipedia) "... an annual conference held in Monterey, California and recently, semi-annually in other cities around the world. TED describes itself as a "group of remarkable people that gather to exchange ideas of incPermalinkCommentsanalysis blog video visualization internet social technology ted business news ideas conference
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