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DrPizza: <- my reaction when there are new hats.

2015 Jan 27, 9:00
Peter Bright        ✔ @DrPizza : … <- my reaction when there are new hats.

"Forwarded HTTP Extension" - Andreas Petersson, Martin Nilsson

2012 Jan 27, 9:41PermalinkCommentstechnical http http-header proxy ietf standard

"Forwarded HTTP Extension" - Andreas Petersson, Martin Nilsson

2011 Nov 17, 3:30

Describes forward HTTP headers to explicitly list proxying information that might otherwise be lost.

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"Deprecating Use of the "X-" Prefix in Application Protocols" - Peter Saint-Andre, D. Crocker, Mark Nottingham

2011 Oct 19, 2:07
Don't prefix your proprietary URI schemes with "x-". Your company name or label reversed domain name is acceptable though.

Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

2011 Apr 27, 2:21Competing price setting algorithms create a very high priced book. "But Peter Lawrence can now comfortably boast that one of the biggest and most respected companies on Earth valued his great book at $23,698,655.93 (plus $3.99 shipping)."PermalinkCommentshumor internet blog science book commerce ad

The death of a meme: Donald Glover calls a truce with the new Peter Parker [Spider-man]

2010 Nov 21, 9:00PermalinkCommentsSpider-man Andrew Garfield Comic Books Dancing donald glover Movies Peter Parker Reality TV Superheroes Television technical

Revision 60.000, first bits of the URL API and pingin’ the anchor « Peter Beverloo

2010 Sep 27, 3:08Adam Barth's URI API draft starts to appear in webkit: "One of the things Adam Barth is currently working on is an URL API. Citing it, the API can be used for constructing, parsing and resolving URLs through scripting, easening up tasks like getting and setting parameters. Today the first part landed in WebKit, which added the “origin” property."PermalinkCommentswebkit adam-barth uri url api javascript dom html html5 browser webbrowser technical

ASCIImeo, Videos in Text - peter

2010 Jan 18, 3:22"Today I finally launched ASCIImeo ( a nutshell, it renders Vimeo videos in different textmode’s." Now if only it did the audio as midi. Try outPermalinkCommentsvideo ascii humor text The Complete April Fools' Day RFCs: Thomas, A. Limoncelli, Peter, H. Salus: Books

2009 Apr 8, 10:40A good gift for a particular subset of people I know. "Also has commentary from Limoncelli and some other internet gods. Worth many geek points - full of lulz!!"PermalinkCommentsgift wishlist book ietf reference rfc humor

Fast hashing of variable-length text strings

2008 Jul 3, 10:12"Fast hashing of variable-length text strings", from Source Communications of the ACM archive Volume 33 , Issue 6 (June 1990) Pages: 677 - 680, Year of Publication: 1990, Author Peter K. Pearson, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, CAPermalinkCommentshash programming acm reference

Chicken Roundup

2007 Jul 11, 3:52I realized that I have short list of chicken related things I find humorous and they're all available for the linking to via youtube.

Chicken: The Powerpoint Presentation. This is a power point presentation of a research paper written in the language chicken. (video)

Bluth Family Chicken Dances. From the show Arrested Development many Bluth family members had their own chicken dance. (video)

Peter Fights the Giant Chicken. A man sized chicken fights Peter from Family Guy for multiple minutes in several episodes mimicking famous action sequences. I must admire the writers dedication to the gag. (video1, video2)

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YouTube - Family Guy - Peter's 80s Dance with Cleavland

2007 Jun 8, 1:30Clip from the Family Guy of Peter doing 80s style things. Specifically enjoying the Beverly Hills Copy theme song. Why do I think this is so funny?PermalinkCommentsfamily-guy 80s music video humor tv
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