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Right-To-Left Override Twitter Name

2020 Oct 21, 3:50

Its rare to find devs anticipating Unicode control characters showing up in user input. And the most fun when unanticipated is the Right-To-Left Override character U+202E. Unicode characters have an implicit direction so that for example by default Hebrew characters are rendered from right to left, and English characters are rendered left to right. The override characters force an explicit direction for all the text that follows.

I chose my Twitter display name to include the HTML encoding of the Right-To-Left Override character #x202E; as a sort of joke or shout out to my favorite Unicode control character. I did not anticipate that some Twitter clients in some of their UI would fail to encode it correctly. There's no way I can remove that from my display name now.

Try it on Amazon.

How about pages that want to tell you about the U+202E. 


Tweet from The Practical Dev

2016 Nov 14, 9:31
I ▯ Unicode

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Nov 3, 3:59
@FakeUnicode Spaces are technically not allowed in a URI so the only reasonable representation is percent encoded.

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Nov 3, 3:58
@FakeUnicode Reserved characters including brackets change meaning when decoded or encoded and so UA must not change those

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Nov 3, 3:57
@FakeUnicode At least some of that is from https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986 . For unreserved characters (a-z0-9._-~) normal form is decoded.

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Sep 12, 8:36
@FakeUnicode Deoxygenated?

Retweet of timbray

2016 Feb 17, 1:07
Super-cool unicode character search: http://www.amp-what.com/unicode/search/check …

Retweet of erewok

2016 Feb 16, 5:22
This guy sped by me on the freeway. Had a strong feeling this was a Unicode codepoint. In my gut I knew what it was. pic.twitter.com/4B3oHSXXAi

Retweet of FakeUnicode

2016 Feb 12, 7:25
> typeof NaN 'number' > (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) ...

Retweet of f4grx

2016 Jan 26, 7:43

Retweet of FakeUnicode

2016 Jan 26, 7:15
OH COME ON. SERIOUSLY?? pic.twitter.com/EMdqGylC4L

Retweet of FakeUnicode

2016 Jan 24, 10:52
.@alolita How Ancient Egypt fell. "But great Pharaoh, we need a snake playing croquet." "You have like 50 snake symbols." "But, croquet!"

Tweet from David_Risney

2016 Jan 24, 3:13
Unicode includes 24 clock face code points, so obv here's my Unicode clock: http://david-risney.github.io/UnicodeClock/ 

Unicode Clock

2016 Jan 24, 2:00

I've made a Unicode Clock in JavaScript.

Unicode has code points for all 30 minute increments of clock faces. This is a simple project to display the one closest to the current time written in JavaScript.

Because the code points are all above 0xFFFF, I make use of some ES6 additions. I use the \u{XXXXXX} style escape sequence since the old style JavaScript escape sequence \uXXXX only supports code points up to 0xFFFF. I also use the method String.codePointAt rather than String.charCodeAt because the code points larger than 0xFFFF are represented in JavaScript strings using surrogate pairs and charCodeAt gives the surrogate value rather than codePointAt which gives the code point represented by the pair of surrogates.



The ordering of the code points does not make it simple to do this. I initially guessed the first code point in the range would be 12:00 followed by 12:30, 1:00 and so on. But actually 1:00 is first followed by all the on the hour times then all the half hour times.

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JavaScript Types and WinRT Types

2016 Jan 21, 5:35PermalinkCommentschakra development javascript winrt

Retweet of FakeUnicode

2016 Jan 10, 10:34
Support! Rather than "Combining" though they would be "Combing." https://twitter.com/martineno/status/686639564207841281 … [@martineno]

Retweet of FakeUnicode

2016 Jan 3, 10:26
I mean, look at this crap. All these full-alphabet variants "Because math!" @asrivkin @PlanetDr @lukedones @grierja pic.twitter.com/qQ1POiqniv

Retweet of edent

2015 Feb 26, 3:16
Facebook Mangles Unicode URLs https://shkspr.mobi/blog/?p=20643 

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Feb 12, 8:35
Unicode encoding holy wars via Mark Pilgrim / Emo Philips http://web.archive.org/web/20080209154953/http://diveintomark.org/archives/2004/07/06/nfc …

GitHub - asciimoo/drawille

2014 May 21, 1:54

drawille - Drawing in terminal with unicode braille characters

Uses the Unicode Braille characters to make advanced (non-)ASCII art.

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