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2016 Jun 9, 4:02
Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense 

From Inside Edward Snowden’s Life as a Robot: Wizner had...

2014 Jun 23, 7:04

From Inside Edward Snowden’s Life as a Robot:

Wizner had to jump on a phone call during a meeting with his whistleblower client. When he got off the phone, he found that Snowden had rolled the bot into civil liberties lawyer Jameel Jaffer’s office and was discussing the 702 provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. “It was kind of cool,” Wizner says.

It is neat but they’re marketing video is at times strangely terrifying. Put different music on when the Susan-bot comes up behind the unknowing Mark and this could be a horror movie trailer.

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Joss Whedon (and Angel) react to the new Buffy reboot [Buffy]

2010 Nov 22, 9:39Joss Whedon and David Boreanaz respond to the news about the new Buffy movie.
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Download A Piece of Internet History | The Changelog

2010 Apr 29, 11:53"I wrote Gopherbot, a spidering archiver for Gopherspace. I ran it in June 2007, and saved off all the documents and sites it could find. That saved 40GB of data, or about 780,000 documents." Now available as a compressed 15GB torrent.PermalinkCommentstorrent gopher internet web technical history archive

Road Trip Stop 1: Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California. Boing Boing

2010 Feb 22, 3:13On the Griffith OBservatory and the history of Mr. Griffith: "Today a splendid statue of Mr. Griffith stands in the park named after him. In one hand he is not holding a pistol, and in the other hand he is not holding a bottle of whiskey."PermalinkCommentshumor griffith-observatory la california trip destination

AngelaBuilds - BuildStuff

2008 Mar 23, 3:39A cool clock that is essentially a robot operating an Etch-a-Sketch. Zang!PermalinkCommentsangela-yuan clock build diy art etch-a-sketch humor robot

LA Weekly - Art+Books - Murakami REVOKed - Shelley Leopold - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles

2008 Feb 5, 2:02From BB's article: "In December, graffiti writers AUGER and REVOK modified a billboard advertising the wonderful Takashi Murakami exhibit ... Murakami himself saw online photos of the graffitied billboard and thought it to be "so wonderful, he had to havePermalinkCommentsart graffiti cultural-disobediance murakami via:boingboing

RESPECT COPYRIGHTS: Curriculum for the Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts of America

2007 Feb 6, 2:39The MPAA's suggested curriculum for LA Boy Scouts on 'Respecting Copyright' badge. It doesn't have them learn about copyright which might have been interesting rather things like watch a movie's credits and think about the people who will be hurt by piraPermalinkCommentsmpaa copyright humor boy-scouts
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