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2016 Jan 7, 9:30
'Works "produced by nature, animals, or plants" cannot be granted copyright protection the US Copyright Office said' …

BBC News - Polar bears get the better of spy cameras

2011 Mar 10, 6:14Polar bears destroy hiddern cameras (filming them for Science!) It is a well known fact that polar bears are very protective of their rights to privacy.
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Bloody Xmas: Macabre Plush Toys Are Perfect Xmas Gift for Future Psychokillers

2008 Dec 29, 12:06Too bad I missed these before Christmas: "Why buy a stupid Elmo when you can permanently disturb that young mind with a cute knitted plush rabbit killed with a giant carrot? Or a beautiful tiger eating some human remains? I love these."PermalinkCommentshumor death macabre stuffed-animals toy gizmodo via:jen-johnston gift

Cadbury Bunny Sneaks Mint

2008 Oct 7, 2:49
Cadbury the bunny takes a moment from hiding under the chair to eat some mint. She comes out just to grab some mint and then goes back under the chair repeatedly for two minutes.
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Xbox Achievements for Everyday Life

2008 Sep 16, 7:54

I just upgraded to the Zune 3.0 software which includes games and purchasing music on the Zune via WiFi and once again I'm thrilled that the new firmware is available for old Zunes like mine. Rooting around looking at the new features I noticed Zune Badges for the first time. They're like Xbox Achievements, for example I have a Pixies Silver Artist Power Listener award for listening to the Pixies over 1000 times. I know its ridiculous but I like it, and now I want achievements for everything.

Achievements everywhere would require more developments in self-tracking. Self-trackers, folks who keep statistics on exactly when and what they eat, when and how much they exercise, anything one may track about one's self, were the topic of a Kevin Kelly Quantified Self blog post (also check out Cory Doctorow's SF short story The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away featuring a colony of self-trackers). For someone like me with a medium length attention span the data collection needs to be completely automatic or I will lose interest and stop collecting within a week. For instance, Nike iPod shoes that keep track of how many steps the wearer takes. I'll also need software to analyze, display, and share this data on a website like Mycrocosm. I don't want to have to spend extreme amounts of time to create something as wonderful as the Feltron Report (check out his statistic on how many daily measurements he takes for the report). Once we have the data we can give out achievements for everything!

Achievements for Everyday Life
Eat at least ten different kinds of animals.
Make Friends
Meet at least 10% of the residents in your home town.
Visit a city in every country.
You're Old
Survive at least 80 years of life.

Of course none of the above is practical yet, but how about Delicious achievements based on the public Delicious feeds? That should be doable...

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Cadbury Hits Fireplace Shovel

2008 Sep 1, 4:45
Cadbury jumps out of her toy box hitting the fireplace shovel, and does a few other cute things.
From: David Risney
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Cadbury Nibbles Toy Box

2008 Sep 1, 4:17
Cadbury sits in and eats her box of toys. She enjoys eating her toy box more often than playing with any of the toys.
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Warm Weekend

2008 Apr 14, 10:22

Cafe Pirouette ExteriorIt was warm and lovely out this past Saturday and Sarah I and went to a new place for lunch, then to Kelsey Creek Park, and then out for Jane's birthday. We ate at Cafe Pirouette which serves crepes and is done up with French decorations reminding me of my parent's house. We got in for just the end of lunch and saw the second to last customers, a gaggle of older ladies leaving. I felt a little out of place with my "Longhorn [heart] RSS" t-shirt on. The food was good and in larger portions that I expected.

Kelsey Creek FarmAfter that we went to Kelsey Creek Park and Farm. The park is hidden at the end of a quiet neighborhood, starts out with some tables and children's jungle gym equipment, then there's a farm which includes a petting zoo, followed by many little trails going off into the forrest. There weren't too many animals out and the ones we did see didn't seem to expect or want the sun and warm weather. We followed one of the trails for a bit and turned back before getting sun burned. You can see my weekend photos mapped out on Live Maps.

That night we went out with some friends for Jane's birthday. Eric was just back from the RSA conference and we met Jane and Eric and others at Palace Kitchen in Seattle located immediately adjascent to the monorail's route. The weather was still good so they left the large windows open through twilight and every so often you'd see the monorail pass by.

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The life and times of America's greatest hoaxer. - By Joe Keohane - Slate Magazine

2008 Mar 3, 4:16An article on the documentary of Alan Abel hilarious hoaxer. "The idea was to write a satire about a group called "The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals," or SINA, which would call for animals to be clothed for the sake of decency."PermalinkCommentsvia:mattalyst humor article Abel-Raises-Cain dvd movie documentary Alan-Abel cultural-disobediance

Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures - I Can Has Cheezburger?

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Bunny Yawns

2007 Nov 13, 8:47
Cadbury yawns.
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Bunny Hears Something

2007 Nov 13, 8:45
Cadbury hears something, slowly.
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Cute animals

2007 Oct 1, 11:21Japanese site of cute animal photos.PermalinkCommentsphoto photos animal cat gallery

Bunny Sniff and Shake

2007 Aug 13, 3:35
I've been told that family members after reading my webpage which contains some technical related material would turn to my cousins webpage. So, in an effort to not drive away readers I've...
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Let's be friends

2007 Jun 17, 9:49Photos of different animals befriending one another. Very cute.PermalinkCommentsblog cute animals nature photos

Zoo Trip

2007 Jun 7, 4:35TigerA few weekends ago Sarah and I visited the Woodland Park Zoo (Finding its website I'm amazed that its domain is ''. Somebody in Seattle was quick on the domain registration.) I liked the zoo except for all the children. Human children... As visitors to the zoo... What did you think I meant? The kids are everywhere! Shouldn't they be inside playing video games or something?

Gorilla HomelessThere was a gorilla that was wrapped in a dirty blanket. It looked like a homeless person and very sad. I'm reminded of the episode of the Simpsons in which the octuplets work at the zoo and the scene in which while Homer is breaking out the children a gorilla tries to get him to take her child too. Looking for a clip of this to post here I can only find clips from the Simpsons in German for some reason. Like this one.

HipposTwo thirds or so of the way through my camera started running low on power. We were forced to choose which animals were camera worthy. Is it too common? Is it cute enough? Etc. Sarah took a very nice shot of some hippos under these conditions. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good angle and view of the Elephants. But they were cool and had an interesting habitat (that's zoo for large-ish cage.)PermalinkCommentszoo personal nontechnical
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